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17 May 2021 | James Porteous | Clipper Media – Hawkins Bay Dispatch

It is funny really, but years after the notion that ‘the internet’ would ‘level the playing field’ for ‘indie artists,’ whether writers, musicians or just plain crafty people, the reverse has happened.

The ease of being told what to like or listen to or read is still the favored path of least resistance.

Which is not to suggest that these works are without merit. But the promise of a newfound future for the arts has certainly run aground.

And given the current state of… flux, that is not about to change any time soon.

I liken it to choosing between watching what is on TV or searching through Netflix to find anything at all that you would like to watch!

And so it is with the notion that indie artists should refrain from promoting their work outside the ‘mainstream’ outlets. But that is really just another side of the same problem.

So sometimes you have to risk the scorn and lack of any sort of feedback and take a kick at the can.

Consider this my kick at the self-promotional can for 2021.

The author – unmasked

James Porteous has been writing since he was 14-years-old when he first began writing record and concert reviews.

His passion for all-things music remains today, resulting in his fictional biography, The Last Record Album.

This book covers the career of fictional singer/songwriter Bo Carter as he struggles to score one more hit single.

The problem is that the first hit happened by complete happenstance and despite the often warm praises of Bob Dylan, Carter seems destined to continue rattling the cages of life without reaching his dreams.

The book contains lyrics to songs written for the book, as well as live Bandcamp links to original lyrics and recorded versions of the songs.

As a bonus, the ebook also contains live links to dozens of his favorite songs via YouTube. 

The reviews thus far have all noted that the details pertaining to life on the road and the creative process were written in such a way that they soon forgot they were reading a work of ‘fiction.’ Decades of writing record and concert reviews will do that.

The Fake Empire is another kettle of fish. When he first began writing this book ten years ago it might have been considered a work of science fiction.

But the real world overtook the fictional one and it now it reads like it was pulled from recent headlines. 

Empire is based on the notion that, even if the ‘outside’ world goes to shit, not everyone will suffer in quite the same way.

As we have seen during this recent pandemic, the rich or superrich are only too happy to continue jet-setting in their private jets or meeting in secret for lavish meals. 

So in this case, the Davos Dandies has constructed dozens of private bunkers which will house the rich and the politicians and influencers until it is safe to enter New World Two and begin anew.

Sounds depressing? It is more a look at how ‘normal’ people have a gift for the rough and tumble rebellion when the going gets rough. No spoilers allowed here.

Both books are available online at locations around the world via If they are not available in your area, let me know and I will see if I can fix it.

And thank you for supporting indie authors at a time when different voices are finding it harder and harder to find a voice anyone can hear.

As I say, it is only going to get worse.

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