Patti Smith talks about climate, politics, women’s rights and Bob Dylan

‘I’m going to be 75 this year; I’ve seen a lot of changes in areas that were once beautiful. Things have already been destroyed and young people are being born into this.’ Photo: Patti Smith at her local coffee shop […]

Obituary: Byron Berline – master bluegrass fiddle-player (77)

Byron Berline redefined bluegrass fiddle playing with his work with The Dillards, the Flying Burrito Brothers, ‘Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid’ and the soaring solo on The Band’s ‘Acadian Driftwood.’ 12 July 2021 | Bill Friskics-Warren | New York […]

How does it feel? Library receives a copy of Dylan album 48 years late

Photo: Bob Dylan released Self Portrait in 1970. Pic: AP 31 May 2021 | Chris Robertson | Sky News A copy of a Bob Dylan album ‘Self Portrait’ has been returned to an Ohio library 48 years after it was […]