Report: Prisoner at CIA black site used as teaching prop

The Cobalt and the Salt Pit prisoner was used to teach enhanced torture techniques CIA black site detainee served as training prop to teach interrogators torture techniques 14 March 2022 | Julian Borger | The Guardian A detainee at a […]

Is Washington reprising the Soviet-Afghan playbook in the Russia-Ukraine war?

The response to Putin’s aggression evokes memories of the US strategy to bleed Moscow in Afghanistan Photo: A monument to Soviet soldiers killed in Afghanistan during the 1979-1989 war, in Moscow on 2 April 2021 (AFP) 11 March 2022 | […]

An insider’s view of UK’s shambolic Afghan exit

A former Foreign Office diplomat suggested that out of an estimated 75,000-150,000 people who applied for evacuation under the Leave Outside the Rules scheme, fewer than 5% received assistance. Photo: Evacuees from Kabul on their way to Poland via Uzbekistan. Marcin Obara / EPA-EFE […]

Islamic State uses Taliban’s own tactics to attack Afghanistan’s new rulers

While the movement’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has downplayed the threat, saying this week that Islamic State had no effective presence in Afghanistan, commanders on the ground do not dismiss the threat so lightly. Photo: A screen grab shows an emergency […]

Afghanistan: Ex-Bagram inmates recount stories of abuse, torture

Former prisoners return to the now-abandoned US-run Bagram jail, which was notorious for ‘enhanced torture.‘ Photo: Hamza recounts the torture he endured during his imprisonment at Bagram [Agnieszka Pikulicka-Wilczewska/Al Jazeera] All Photos: Agnieszka Pikulicka-Wilczewska/Al Jazeera 22 September 2021 | Agnieszka […]

US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians

A U.S. drone strike launched in Afghanistan late last month killed as many as 10 civilians, and not an ISIS-K terrorist Photo: A view of the damage at Zemerai Ahmadi’s family house after a drone strike one day before the […]

Head of new Afghan government calls on ex-officials to return

Speaking to Al Jazeera, acting PM Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund reiterates Taliban promise of amnesty for anyone who worked alongside the US and the gov’t it backed. Photo: Akhund: ‘The stage of bloodshed, killing and contempt for people in Afghanistan […]