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Welcome to the BOOKS page for the author, photographer, singer-songwriter, and writer James Porteous

Porteous worked for over 20 years as a digital librarian and archivist in Toronto and then Washington, DC, and Doha, Qatar for CBC and Al Jazeera English.

He is an author, freelance writer, musician, songwriter, photographer, and anti-war and human rights activist.



Three Books by James Porteous

Three indie novels available + Worldwide Amazon + Payhip: The Last Record Album + Got a Revolution + The Insolent Caretaker +

07 February 2023 | James Porteous | Clipper Media News

Thank you for checking out the list of novels. Below you will find descriptions of two novels and one collection of short fiction.

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James Porteous | Clipper Media Press

The Insolent Caretaker and Other Stories

The Insolent Caretaker celebrates the universal resilience of human nature

Author James Porteous has released a collection of short stories inspired by the work of American writer Studs Terkel and playwright David Mamet.

The stories touch on age-old themes of love, politics, religion, relationships, and humor while highlighting the struggles and triumphs of everyday people searching for meaning in this ‘new normal’ world.

In this collection, we meet a talented ‘Butchering the Pig’ scam artist, a young woman’s encounter with Italy’s Nigerian Mafia, a sniper’s interview in a heavenly way-station, and the man in Japan who wonders if he will finally talk to his late wife on The Wind Phone, among many others.

The author, who has lived and worked in Canada, the US, Italy, Germany, the UK, and Qatar, has always strived to capture the ‘lives of others’ in his songs, writing, and photographs.


The Last Record Album

Bo Carter began his career as a singer-songwriter in the tumultuous 1960s, playing folk and rock in Greenwich Village. 

During this time, he toured with some of the most renowned names in the music industry, such as The Touts, The Kinks, and even Bob Dylan.

Carter has always been passionate about music and songwriting, and this fictional biography provides a wealth of firsthand knowledge and information about songwriting and life on the road. 

The reader also joins Carter while he records his ‘comeback’ album at New York’s renowned Record Plant and consumes a bottle of single malt while trying to write a new song for the latest Robert Altman film.

Links to original songs written by the author of the book are also included.

Buy: The Last Record Album

Got a Revolution?

The Good Lord is weary of nursing His Hapless Humans.

Earth is a small, insignificant, and frankly, otherwise useless part of His vast real estate portfolio.

And now, after decades of war, climate change, and corruption, the wealthiest 1% are preparing to move into The Hawkins Bay Freedom Bunker.

There, they will continue to indulge in their gold, money, and DNA while waiting for the day they can venture out into the pristine atmosphere of New World 2.0.

Meanwhile, Those Left Behind are starting to realize that they have, indeed, been left behind.

Will the ensuing chaos work in Manifesto 99’s favor?

Will Major Stursberg regret not stocking up on Kool-Aid?

Got a war? Got a revolution



Buy Bo Carter’s album recorded by the author just for this book.

Bo Carter’s The Last Record Album album at his Bandcamp Site


James Porteous has worked in various media jobs over the past 30 years.

He began writing record and concert reviews for national magazines when he was 14 years old. He continues to write for various blogs and online publications.

James Porteous

From there he moved on to television, working as a digital librarian and archivist, first with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto and then Al Jazeera English in Washington, DC, and Doha, Qatar.

Having come of age during what the West calls ‘The Vietnam War,’ he could not help but notice that the American boys coming home in body bags were basically his age.

These early images have remained with him for his entire life.

He was also involved in the six-month build-up of TV equipment and crews assigned to Shock and Awe in the first Iraq War.

How else could the images be beamed around the world at the very moment they were taking place!

Porteous is an author, freelance writer, musician, songwriter, photographer, and anti-war and human rights activist.

His latest novel, Got a Revolution? serves as a reminder that, for decades, the governments in the Global North have offered their manufactured wars, corporate greed, poverty, and military spending as proof that humans are inherently evil. It is a profitable but deadly fiction.

His previous book, The Last Record Album, is a fictional biography based on stories and musicians he met while working in the music industry.


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