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The Fireflies of Torino

A collection of short stories and stand-alone dialogues that shed a light on modern life – the dreams, regrets, hidden choices, hope, lust, and sometimes, even love.

Among the people you will meet:

Drive, She Said

Bonnie and Parker have been in a marital trance for years, so he was surprised when she agreed to join him on a week-long tour of the American Southwest.

(Bitter) Sweet Revenge

Amy Murphy did not bother to read the lengthy prenuptial agreement. The divorce left her penniless. She has hired a petty criminal named Sticky to help her ‘reclaim’ her treasured possessions.

We Don’t Need No Piece of Paper From the City Hall

Cal and Rebecca started dating and then started sleeping together and then started living together, and now they are ‘wondering’ together: is there room for God in their relationship?

The Far End of the Earth

Sunok Yoon moved to Canada from South Korea to escape an abusive husband and a controlling mother. She is a rising star in Toronto’s Korean community, but online she is the master of an intricate internet scam known as “Butchering the Pig.”

El Sueño Americano

Dora Explora (not her real name) and Dr. Sinclair Mahlon (his ‘American alias’) were in their 20s when they immigrated to the United States from Panama. The Good Doctor has never found steady -or legal- work in America. Dora has never forgiven him for bringing her to this strange land. 

The Absentee Father

TomTom thinks he might have come close to being a father in the past, but he assumed the women were taking care of such details. At least until now.

Somewhat Sweet and Kind

Since first meeting the young and lovely Candice, Merle Atkins has become a passionate supporter of the free love movement. He cannot live without his Country & Western muse.



Singer-Songwriter Bo Carter Takes Readers on a Journey Through the Fascinating World of Music and Songwriting in The Last Record Album. Includes Bandcamp links to songs written for the book.

His story begins in New York’s Greenwich Village during the folk music explosion of the 1960s, just as Bob Dylan arrived on the scene.

Carter begins touring with his band The Touts before embarking on a long solo career that includes his painstaking efforts to record a new song for Robert Altman’s latest movie at New York’s renowned Record Plant and a do-or-die effort to be remembered as something other than a one-hit-wonder.

The book also includes songs written by the author in the book, with links to Bandcamp versions featuring the author playing and singing many of the songs. This gives readers a chance to experience the creative process firsthand and see how the author’s words translate into music.

For anyone interested in music, songwriting, or the creative process, The Last Record Album: A fictional biography is a must-read.

Get your copy today and embark on a journey through the fascinating world of music and songwriting with Bo Carter.



Planet Earth is but one tiny, obscure, and frankly otherwise useless property in God’s rather large real estate portfolio.

And yet, He spends the majority of His time sorting out their wars, climate change, greed and corruption.

They will never learn. The Endless War on War is finally over and the 1% are moving into their radiation-proof Freedom Bunkers, but Those Left Behind… well, they have been left behind.

Still, there is a hint of revenge in the putrid, acidic air. Dirty Gringo has a plan, Stan. What the hell does he have to lose?

Got a war? Got a revolution.



Buy Bo Carter’s album recorded by the author just for this book.

Bo Carter’s The Last Record Album album at his Bandcamp Site


James Porteous has worked in various media jobs over the past 30 years.

He began writing record and concert reviews for national magazines when he was 14 years old. He continues to write for various blogs and online publications.

James Porteous

From there he moved on to television, working as a digital librarian and archivist, first with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto and then Al Jazeera English in Washington, DC, and Doha, Qatar.

Having come of age during what the West calls ‘The Vietnam War,’ he could not help but notice that the American boys coming home in body bags were basically his age.

These early images have remained with him for his entire life.

He was also involved in the six-month build-up of TV equipment and crews assigned to Shock and Awe in the first Iraq War.

How else could the images be beamed around the world at the very moment they were taking place!

Porteous is an author, freelance writer, musician, songwriter, photographer, and anti-war and human rights activist.

His latest novel, Got a Revolution? serves as a reminder that, for decades, the governments in the Global North have offered their manufactured wars, corporate greed, poverty, and military spending as proof that humans are inherently evil. It is a profitable but deadly fiction.

His previous book, The Last Record Album, is a fictional biography based on stories and musicians he met while working in the music industry.