Watch: Andrea Bocelli And 8-Year-Old Daughter Sing ‘Hallelujah’

17 May 2021 | Godtube

If your are not yet aware of this legend, prepare to be blown away. Andrea Bocelli is an Italian opera singer who lost his sight by age 12 from congenital glaucoma. He became well-known in the early ‘90s and can now be considered ‘The World’s Most Beloved Tenor.’

Andrea has released 15 solo albums, three greatest hits albums, and nine full operas — all in under 30 years! His voice broke the boundaries between opera and pop, expanding his audience to more than just opera fans.

What happens when someone as talented as Andrea Boccelli has children? The kids are naturally talented too!

Virginia Boccelli surely grew up listening to lullabies sung by one of the most beautiful voices. It’s not surprising that she would want to explore her musical side, even at such a young age!

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Virginia joined her dad on stage in Florida to make her U.S. debut. Andrea played guitar while she started singing the first verse with ease. This little performer made flawless singing look easy! Even when her dad harmonized with her, she didn’t miss a beat or a note!

What better song to sing than ‘Hallelujah’ for a debut in a new country?

‘Hallelujah’ was originally written by Leonard Cohen in 1984. Surprisingly enough, the song wasn’t popular at first but gained recognition as more artists recorded covers.

The song’s popularity spiked in the early 2000s when it was featured in the movie ‘Shrek.’ ‘Hallelujah’ finally made the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 2016 after Leonard Cohen passed away.

The world needed at least one more cover of the haunting song, and Virginia Bocelli delivered a beautiful performance alongside her legendary dad. Your ears are in for a treat!


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