US: The F-35 fighter jet is one step closer to carrying nuclear bombs

Are these plans included in Climate Change goals? The U.S. plans to produce 480 B61-12s from fiscal 2022-2025 as part of their $634 billion nuclear modernization plan. Photo: An F-35A Lightning II carrying a B61-12 Joint Test Assembly sits on […]

US wants to return to ‘Iran Nuclear Deal’ it suspended

Photo: US President Joe Biden makes his first appearance at UNGA 2021 21 September 2021 | IFP Media Wire U.S. President Joe Biden told the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Tuesday that Washington would come back to the Iranian […]

Pentagon to ‘evaluate’ safety of ‘nuclear football’

Photo: A White House military aide and member of the US Navy carries a briefcase known as the “football,” containing emergency nuclear weapon codes, as then-President Barack Obama departs from the White House in 2012. The satchel holds the codes […]

Scientists discover new ‘chemical creation’ at the site of 1945 US nuclear bomb detonation

Photo: The heat and pressure generated by a nuclear explosion can produce unusual chemical curiosities. United States Department of Energy/wikimedia 02 June 2021 | Robert A Jackson | The Conversation Nuclear detonations unleash an astonishing amount of destructive force. But the […]