With Covid on the wane, all eyes turn to war on the ‘cyber nuclear nightmare’

Photo: The US nuclear command and control system spans the globe and reaches into space 15 June 2021 | Richard Walker | DM A global cyberwar has begun. And it will probably never end. That is the brutal truth that […]

FBI, Trojan Shield and the manipulation of the encrypted phone platform, ANOM

Photo: Money seized by Australian Federal Police © Australian Federal Police/Handout via REUTERS Hundreds arrested worldwide in Trojan Shield organised crime sting 08 June 2021 | Jamie Smyth in Sydney and Michael Peel  |FT More than 800 people have been arrested around […]

The Fake Empire

The Good Lord is so fed up with his flock of Hapless Humans.  They destroyed the planet and now The Davos Dandies are building hundreds of Freedom Bunkers to shield the 1% and ‘preserve democracy.’  17 May 2021 | James […]

Ransom group DarkSide may be linked to Colonial Pipeline hack

DarkSide is a hacking group believed to be behind the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, as part of its “Robin Hood”-style image of stealing from the rich and giving a portion to the poor.[1] The group was first noticed in August 2020.[2] Cybersecurity company Kaspersky described the group […]