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07 February 2023 | James Porteous | Clipper Media News

Thank you for checking out the list of novels. Below you will find descriptions of two novels and one collection of short fiction.

Each ebook has an Amazon Worldwide link that will allow you to buy any of the books directly from your local Amazon sites.

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James Porteous | Clipper Media Press

The Last Record Album

Bo Carter began his career as a singer-songwriter in the tumultuous 1960s, playing folk and rock in Greenwich Village. 

During this time, he toured with some of the most renowned names in the music industry, such as The Touts, The Kinks, and even Bob Dylan.

Carter has always been passionate about music and songwriting, and this fictional biography provides a wealth of firsthand knowledge and information about songwriting and life on the road. 

The reader also joins Carter while he records his ‘comeback’ album at New York’s renowned Record Plant and consumes a bottle of single malt while trying to write a new song for the latest Robert Altman film.

Links to original songs written by the author of the book are also included.

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Got a Revolution?

The Good Lord is weary of nursing His Hapless Humans.

Earth is a small, insignificant, and frankly, otherwise useless part of His vast real estate portfolio.

And now, after decades of war, climate change, and corruption, the wealthiest 1% are preparing to move into The Hawkins Bay Freedom Bunker.

There, they will continue to indulge in their gold, money, and DNA while waiting for the day they can venture out into the pristine atmosphere of New World 2.0.

Meanwhile, Those Left Behind are starting to realize that they have, indeed, been left behind.

Will the ensuing chaos work in Manifesto 99’s favor?

Will Major Stursberg regret not stocking up on Kool-Aid?

Got a revolution?

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The Insolent Caretaker and Other Stories

As I was compiling and editing this collection, I realized that most of these stories were inspired by the work of Studs Terkel.

Terkel, an American writer, historian, actor, and broadcaster, is best remembered for books and radio programs featuring ‘oral histories of people talking The Great Depression, World War II, race and… life.

His classic book Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do (1974) redefined how we think about work.

It also redefined how I thought about writing. His book ‘freed’ up my ambition to capture the small and often intimate details of life in much the same way as I had done in my songs and photographs.

Terkel, along with the work of playwrights and Irish novelists, showed me how to concentrate on the thoughts, deeds, and words of real and fictional characters without the need for endless chatter about how or why they walked across the room.

I enjoyed revisiting these threadbare worlds of husbands, wives and lovers, workers, religion, love, politics, relationships, and, of course, humor.

I hope readers will, as well.

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