Listen: Lowell George Band – Washington, DC (Live 1979)

A great audience (audio) recording from the Lisner Auditorium, Washington D.C. June 28, 1979.

30 January 2023 | James Porteous | Clipper Media News

UPDATE: I have since done a search and I cannot find any ‘official’ releases from this or any other Lowell George Band show. That is insane. As a long-time fan of Little Feat and Lowell George, I have to admit that I had NO idea his solo band was as good as anything he has ever done. If fans do not know, how on earth could anyone else be aware? Surely it is time to start a movement to get this or other shows primed for official release. JP

Well, well. I had always heard rumors that Mr. George passed away in a hotel just off the bridge from Washington DC, leading into Arlington, Virginia.

Years later I was living a few blocks from the hotel and one evening (perhaps I had enjoyed a few brews at some show or other at the 9:30 Club) I decided to stop off at the hotel on the way home to see if I might find some recognition -or proof- of that fateful tale.

The receptionist, guessing immediately and instinctively that I was not intending to spend the night at their fine hotel, asked if ‘she could help me.’

I paused, thinking of many snappy retorts, but instead blurted out that I wondered if there might be a plaque or some such commemorating the sad passing of the musician Lowell George in this very hotel.

If looks could kill. I took that to be a response in the negative.

And so today, I read that his death did indeed take place in this very hotel 40 years ago. And the article mentioned in passing that audio versions of a great many of the Lowel George Band shows were available on YouTube.

And sure enough, the first one I encountered was indeed the final show of both his life and of course the tour.

And this story might seem flippant and lacking in respect for the sad occasion but I have to tell you if you listen to this show and I’m sure others you will realize that his passing was indeed sad, but the show and tour were as joyous and flawless as anything could be.

The rock ‘n’ roll doctor lives on.

James Porteous | Clipper Media News

Lowell George at the Lisner Auditorium in Washington D.C. June 28, 1979

Lowell George & his band Audience Recording from the Lisner Auditorium, Washington D.C. June 28, 1979.

The Lowell George Band :

Armando Compean – Bass

Don Heffington – Drums

Eddie Zip – Organ

Peter Wasner – Piano

Fred Tackett – Guitar

Jerry Jumonville – Saxophone

Lee Thornberg – Trumpet

Maxine Dixon – Backing Vocals

Lowell George – Lead Vocal & Slide Guitar


1. Fat Man in the Bathtub 0:35

2. What Do You Want the Girl to Do 6:17

3. I Can’t Stand the Rain 11:41

4. Easy Money 15:03

5. Rocket In My Pocket 20:54

6. A Apolitical Blues 24:31

7. Two Trains 35:50

8. Dixie Chicken 41:55

9. Twenty Million Things 57:06

10. Roll’Um Easy 1:00:23

11. Willin’ 1:03:05

12. Spanish Moon 1:05:18

Lowell George had recently separated from Little Feat and was touring to promote his solo LP “Thanks I’ll Eat It Here”. This would be his last show. Lowell passed away the next day, June 29, 1979

Lowell George at the Lisner Auditorium in Washington D.C. June 28, 1979


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