Study: US has 867 military bases around the world

Estimates of the yearly cost to the U.S. of its foreign military bases range from $100 – 250 billion,” according to World Beyond War. Can we even begin to estimate the amount of oil and other fuel it would take just to maintain that many bases each day?

26 November 2022 | James Porteous | Clipper Media News

“World Beyond War” showed an interactive map with US military bases around the world

The anti-war organization has marked on the map all US military bases.

World BEYOND War has launched a new online tool that allows the user to view a globe pock-marked with 867 U.S. military bases in countries other than the United States.” is stated on the official website of the organization.

This visual database has been designed to help journalists, researchers and individual readers understand the huge problem of over-preparation for war.

U.S. bases in foreign countries often raise geopolitical tensions, support undemocratic regimes, and serve as a recruiting tool for militant groups and the governments U.S. presence bolsters.

In other cases, foreign bases have made it easier for the United States to launch and execute disastrous wars, including those in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya. <…>

Estimates of the yearly cost to the U.S. of its foreign military bases range from $100 – 250 billion.” according to World Beyond War.

The United States of America, unlike any other nation, maintains a massive network of foreign military installations around the world.

How was this created and how is it continued? 

Some of these physical installations are on land occupied as spoils of war.

Most are maintained through collaborations with governments, many of them brutal and oppressive governments benefiting from the bases’ presence.

In many cases, human beings were displaced to make room for these military installations, often depriving people of farmland, adding huge amounts of pollution to local water systems and the air, and existing as an unwelcome presence.

To explore this database,  click on map markers or use the dashboard to make selections:

Click HERE for the online interactive map

Please note: Depending on where you live in the world, loading the page might. be slower than normal

How You Can Help

Please help spread the word that information about USA’s military empire is available to the public.

This database is a work in progress, using information gathered from various public data sources. If you see errors or omissions, please let us know.

World BEYOND War is seeking funding to continue the research, data collection and software development for this project and other related map/database projects highlighting the problems of global militarization. We hope to improve this app in the following three ways:

Include More Countries

The current version only includes data about USA’s foreign military outposts, but future versions of this app will include information about foreign military bases maintained by all nations.

Increased Scope of Information About Each Base

Much information is available about the effect of foreign military bases on local communities and populations. We hope to track more data points covering more aspects of the severe problems caused by these military outposts.

Software Enhancement

World BEYOND War hopes to continue to produce original, high-quality, information-rich presentations for the use of the global antiwar movement. This requires investment in coding and UX skills. We are seeking funding to improve this app, customize it for different types of screens, and allow us to build more information-rich presentations of various kinds.

Please become a World BEYOND War donor to support this and other projects. If you would like to sponsor or become a contributor to our Close Military Bases activities, please contact us.

Learn more about bases and our campaign to close them here.


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