Sound Legends: Full Service Music Platform for Indie Musicians

26 April 2021 | Platform & Stream | Original Link | Sounds Legends link |

Sound Legends, a new music digital distribution service, is launching their much-anticipated free pricing model to offer access to the market for independent artists worldwide.

Artists can instantly upload and share their music with a global audience while collecting 100% of their revenue. Sound Legends empowers upcoming musicians by streamlining the music sharing process & distributing their work to all popular digital music streaming services at once, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

The Company’s suite of services bundled music distribution, publishing, copyrighting, and an exclusive Global Featured Artist® affiliate program for musicians to earn additional revenue.

Sound Legends offers a complete suite of services through their member platform designed with the artist in mind. The Sound Legends dashboard includes over 25 independent country portals and is available in that country’s spoken language.

One of the most powerful components of the Sound Legends platforms is the central dashboard. Here artists can see where people are listening to their music, the number of downloads, and most importantly, the financial component of royalties and sales.

Sound Legends also helps its artist reach listeners through aggressive marketing campaigns throughout social media exposure and proprietary marketing solutions. Offering tools to help legitimize and establish them in a global presence.


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