Children in Times of War

In every ‘conflict,’ innocent people die in vain. And how many of the dead in the ‘current conflict’ are children?

18 September 2022 | James Porteous | Clipper Media News

Say what you will about ‘US war propaganda,’ there is no denying that the US and their NATO allies have truly mastered the message during the current conflict.

In fact, long before the ‘message’ had been released to the general public, The War Machine had essentially ‘banned’ any and all Russian media on the US-controlled ‘social media’ sites and invoked the very successful and infantile ‘them against us’ diversions used in the mask vs. no-mask hysteria created during covid.

Most of these efforts were for naught. Most of the US propaganda was simply ignored once the parameters were established. How many people managed to sit through a nightly ‘presidential’ report? Once was often enough.

But that does not mean the propaganda has been unsuccessful. Take for example the fact that this entire conflict has been waged WITHIN Ukraine. So all missiles fired, from either side, landed somewhere in Ukraine. Not 50%. Not the ‘majority’ of missles. All of them. Because perhaps only one or two have fallen on the other side of the border.

Now, in less qualified hands, this fact could prove to be problematic. The media might have pointed out right at the outset that an untold number of missiles fired from Ukraine actually landed in… well, Ukraine.

Certainly said citizens might consider themselves to be Ukrainian or Russian, but the missiles, most of which, especially in the early days, were not capable of targetting ‘Russian military enclaves’ but broad areas of land that, again, were part of Ukraine.

And even more problematic, in the hands of banana republics, was the notion that the citizens killed could well have been killed by either side. And again, the US propaganda machine took care of this unfortunate truth by essentially refusing to acknowledge, let alone itemize, the number of dead innocents.

Imagine that for a second. When was the last time you read a report -any report- stating how many civilians have been killed over the last six months?


I would guess the answer would be zero. Not in ‘our’ press, and not in the Russian press that might issue reports away from US-Social Media.

That simple fact alone gives every living person the ‘right’ to completely ignore any other fact or figure ‘released’ by the US and their Allies. Every single fact or figure.

But the fact remains: people are being killed in vain.

And a huge number of them, in this and every other war, are children.

Just. how many? We will likely never know. There has been no public demand to be told and at this point, there will be dozens of excuses issued to explain why a true number can no longer be ascertained.

But we do have facts and figures that detail the effects was has on children. These alone should be reason enough to speak out against the war and its propaganda.

James Porteous | Clipper Media News

UN’s Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed issued her warning on illiteracy at the Transforming Education Summit. (UN Photo/Jaclyn Licht)

In a few years, two out of three people won’t be able to read this headline,’ warns UN deputy SG

16 September 2022 | TAREK ALI AHMAD | Arab News

NEW YORK: With an estimated 64.3 percent of children globally unable to read and understand simple text, the UN’s Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed warned journalists that ”in a few years two out of three people wont be able to read your stories.”

The warning came during a UN press briefing on Thursday regarding the upcoming Transforming Education Summit with Special Advisor to the Secretary-General on TES Leonardo Garnier, and UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Education Stefania Giannini.

“If this is not called a crisis, frankly, we don’t know what it is,” she said, adding that “the crisis in education does go much deeper, beyond issues of access and inequality, education systems are being tested like never before.”

Today, 222 million young people living in regions affected by wars and disasters — in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and South America — are without access to uninterrupted or quality education.

According to analysis by Education Cannot Wait, the UN global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises, 78.2 million of these crisis-impacted children are out of school and 119.6 million are not achieving minimum-competency levels in reading and mathematics despite attending school.

“This consultation demonstrates a massive awareness that transformation is not a choice,” Giannini stressed, “It’s an imperative.”

With the TES, the UN is aiming to redesign “outdated structures that have lead to wars, economic devastations,” according to Mohammed.

Garnier stressed the economic benefits of investing in education, which has notoriously taken a backseat in terms of funding priorities.

“Nothing has higher returns than investing in education. So what we’re trying to do is to reframe this discussion,” he said.

“This is why the summit is first and foremost a political summit, integrating the demands from the youth, the commitments of all stakeholders, national and international and especially the commitments of all national and old world leaders,” Garnier explained.


Crimes against children in war are rarely punished

Children: The forgotten victims of war crimes

This article says that ‘more than 452 million children worldwide live with war…and crimes against them rarely punished.’ The crimes against them ARE THE WARS. Investigate that, why don’t you. And start with the ‘current conflict.‘ JP

16 September 2022 | Volker Witting | DW

Four-year-old Lisa was on her way to speech therapy with her mother when rockets hit the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia in July. A video later spread online showing the empty stroller she was sitting in when the attack happened. Lisa and her teddy bear were on the ground next to it; she was dead. The Russian attack killed 23 people. Lisa was one of three children among the dead.

“The war in Ukraine is a tragic reminder that children are repeatedly the worst affected and often the forgotten victims of war,” Aurelie Lamaziere, an advocacy officer for the aid group Save the Children, told DW.

Officially, 5,827 civilians have died in the war in Ukraine since late February, according to United Nations figures, including 375 children. Ukraine and its Western partners have vowed to hold Russia accountable for any crimes committed by its troops, but that is likely to be a long and difficult process with an uncertain outcome.

Legally speaking, children are often forgotten, Lamaziere said. War crimes against minors are rarely sufficiently documented, investigated and punished.

‘Children are often a gray zone’

“Children are often a gray zone in the legal process,” lawyer Natalie von Wistinghausen said during a recent discussion in Berlin sponsored by the Bertelsmann Foundation. “There are laws” to hear from children in court, she added, “they just have to be applied.”

The principle of universal jurisdiction, for example, “provides for a state’s jurisdiction over crimes against international law, even when the crimes did not occur on that state’s territory, and neither the victim nor perpetrator is a national of that state,” according to the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights. “The principle allows national courts in third countries to address international crimes occurring abroad, to hold perpetrators criminally liable, and to prevent impunity.”


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