Watch: Ukraine: The Seeds of War (AJE)

An unsettling and detailed documentary describing the many events over the past decade that led to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

11 April 2022 | James Porteous | Clipper Media News

The Fake and Offical 24/7 News Streams

By James Porteous | Clipper Media News

As you will see in this documentary, the situation in Ukraine defies simple black & white explanations. 

And the same could be said of the dozens of other events that preceded this war. 

It is clear, in hindsight, that some of these things could have been handled differently. Others were clearly outright manipulation, stupidity or the usual, endless power-plays. 

And who is to blame for this horrific outcome? NATO? Russia? US? EU? Ukraine?

They all played a role in this.

But so did we. We have been lulled into adopting a strong and rather absurd propensity for ignoring world or even local events unless the ‘media’ breathlessly tells us ‘this is 24/7 important.’ 

Countries such as Yemen depend heavily on Russia and Ukraine for their wheat

And then we sit back and let the massive 24/7 ‘everything that we know for certain’ news-cycle roll over us, even though most of the ‘news’ we are ingesting is often little more than talking heads pretending they are imparting hard and true facts. 

And now, after two long years of force-fed hibernation, we have once again decided to relinquish any and all responsibly to ascertain what is really happening beyond the endless vapid updates. 

Surely it must be clear by now that this moment of history cannot be brushed aside with snide remarks on Twitter or simplistic ‘mask vs anti-mask’ style arguments or the endless stream of daily propaganda from Russia, the US or Ukraine. 

By now it must be obvious that the 24/7 news-stream exists mainly to lull us into thinking we ‘know’ everything that is happening behind the scenes because we assume that our leaders are telling us everything that is happening behind the scenes. 

And so the 24/7 stream continues to breed millions of ‘experts,’ all of whom remain religiously confident that they are not expressing opinions, but rather The Truth. 

We should know by now that in reality, the ‘fake news stream’ and the ‘official news stream’ both flow from the same polluted propaganda river.

That is fine. There is nothing wrong with this concept. Adults have been dealing with conflicting ‘facts’ or ideas for hundreds of years.  

And I do not believe we have not lost the ability to do the same. But I wonder if we have we lost the will or desire to do so?

No matter the reasons, this needs to change. There is far too much at stake to allow senility or pomposity to lead us down the well-worn path to destruction. 

And I know I am preaching to the Choir of the Five People who will read this post, but even if those five people take 25 minutes to watch this doc they might be able to encourage five more to do the same thing. 

And then maybe there might be a slight chance that we can work together to put aside the propaganda streams and connect the dots between the possible manipulation of this war, fuel prices and food shortages around the world?

James Porteous | Clipper Media News

Ukraine: The Seeds of War

08 April 2022 | Al Jazeera English | YouTube

Putin’s plan or NATO’s neglect – A look at the causes of Russia’s war on Ukraine and whether it could have been prevented.

Content warning: This film contains graphic images of war and death.

As Europe witnesses the worst military conflict since World War II, we explore Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine.

Is Putin obsessed with rebuilding the Russia of the past? And why does he believe he has a historical claim on Ukraine?

We delve into the effect NATO expansion had on Putin’s decision to go to war, and why the West repeatedly ignored Russia’s warnings that time was running out for a settlement between it and Moscow.
Ukraine: The Seeds of War | Al Jazeera Documentary


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