Watch: To Tulsa and Back: On Tour with J.J Cale (documentary)

10 June 2021 | James Porteous | Clipper Media

Most music-lovers remember the first time they ‘ran across’ J. J. Cale. I think for me it came to full, glorious fruition with Anyway the Wind Blows. It was full-steam-ahead after that. The doc sheds light on not just JJ and his music, but the team that enjoyed the ride for most of her career. Including one of his truest and biggest fans, Eric Clapton JP

To Tulsa And Back: On tour With JJ Cale

Artist: J.J. CaleStudio: Time Life Release Date: 13 Jun 2006 Run Time: 167 Minutes

Documentary about Tulsa musician, J.J. Cale. Extensive Cale interview interspersed with outstanding live performances, archival footage, interviews with band members and friends, and awe-inspiring images of American landscapes. Eric Clapton appears in some performance footage.

Included Songs:
01. Mamma Don’t Allow – Live
02. Sensitive Kind – Original Studio Version
03. Drifter’s Wife – Live Version
04. Mojo – Original Studio Version
05. Cajun Moon – Live
06. Downtown LA – Original Studio Version
07. Cloudy Day – Original Studio Version
08. After Midnight – Original Studio Version
09. After Midnight – Live With Eric Clapton
10. Cocaine – Original Studio Version
11. Cocaine – Live
12. Lowdown – Live
14. Crazy Mama – Live – 2 Times: One Time Old Footage
15. Miss Old St. Louis – Live
17. Bringing It Back To Mexico – Live
18. Call Me The Breeze – 2 Live Versions: One With Eric Clapton
19. The End Of The Line – Original Studio Version
20. If You Ever Leave Oklahoma – Live
21. If You Ever Leave Oklahoma – Original Studio Version
22. My Gal – (Bonus Only) – Live
23. The Old Man And Me (Bonus Only) – Live
24. Pack My Jack – Original Studio Version
25. Birds Song – Live
27. Bus Rider – Original Studio Version
28. Gasoline (Bonus Only) – Original Studio Version
29. High School – Live
30. On Tour – Original Studio Version
31. Days Go By – Original Studio Version
32. Call Me The Breeze – Original Studio Recording

Overview from YouTube:

Despite his influence on musicians such as Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Mark Knopfler and others, singer-songwriter J.J. Cale remains a relative obscurity. In this documentary, Clapton and his idol, Cale, team up for a concert in Dallas. Along the way, director Jorg Bundschuh gives viewers plenty of time to hang with the laid-back architect of the so-called “Tulsa Sound,” who penned the rock classics “After Midnight,” “Cocaine” and “Call Me the Breeze.

“I’m somewhat prejudiced, since I’m in the film, as the piano player with the Cale Band, but even allowing for that, I still think it’s magnificent. If they allowed me to vote even higher than ten, I would. JJ Cale has been an enigma to most of his fans, a mystery, for years. This documentary changes that. The crew from Kick Films really captured the real JJ Cale, not an easy task. I have been playing with Cale off and on since 1957 and the JJ Cale I know is the one you’ll see in this film. This Documentary is not to be missed!” – Rocky Frisco


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