Watch: The ‘Transfer’ in Gaza

There is an increasing manic madness, to be sure, but none of this is really new. And nor can we ever-again say we did not know.

Photo: Screenshot from program

26 February 2024 | James Porteous | Clipper Media

There is an odd ‘sickness’ in the collective West whereby we have been conned into believing that it is necessary to continually prove the reality and truth of any injustice. We long ago passed that point regarding Gaza. Whether we have been ‘following the story’ for the past decades, the truth is now in front of the world every day. But did we know Israel is purported to employ 200,000 people just to police Palestinians? We do now.

James Porteous | Clipper Media

Transfer: Investigating Israel’s displacement of the Palestinians | People & Power Documentary

Palestine: Transfer – The use and abuse of power

A film by Mariam Shahin and George Azar

People & Power investigates whether the permanent transfer of Palestinians from Gaza is Israel’s ultimate goal.

Israel’s war on Gaza has displaced nearly two million Palestinians since October 2023. A majority of them are sheltering in the southernmost city of Rafah.

Now, with the threat of an Israeli ground offensive on the area and calls by some Israeli politicians to permanently expel Palestinians from the Strip, fears are growing of yet another forced population transfer.

An Israeli minister has even called the current war the “Gaza Nakba”, referring to the devastating forced displacement of Palestinians in 1948-1949.

Meanwhile, Palestinians in the occupied West Bank say the Israeli army and illegal settlers are waging a less visible but equally dangerous shadow war there. People and Power delves into the history of Palestinian displacement and asks whether population transfer is Israel’s ultimate goal.


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