Watch: Live volcanic eruption in Iceland

03 May 2021 | James Porteous | Clipper Media

🌎 Live Feed #2! Iceland Volcanic Eruption

‘This Iceland volcano eruption is a live feed from the newly named Geldingadalir volcano located in Fagradalsfjall on the Reykjanes Peninsula.

The glow from the lava can be seen from the outskirts of Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, just 32km (20 miles) north of the eruption. The eruption of the Geldingadalir volcano started on March 19, 2021, after being dormant for almost 6,000 years.

It is the first active volcano in the area in about 800 years. A new fissure opened on April 5th near the initial eruption site. The length of the fissure is estimated to be 200m and the middle of the fissure is approx. 1km NE of the eruption site.

The lava flows toward Merardalir, east of the new fissure. The lava is thin-flowing, flows in a long and narrow lava river east of Merardalur, lava fields already beginning to form. On April 7th, a third fissure opened up between the existing two fissures. Lava from this one is flowing west towards the original eruption.

This live Iceland volcano eruption video feed is from – Icelandic national broadcaster & They own all rights to the video feed. This #icelandvolcano​​ video is being streamed with permission from Real-time tremor data provided by https://stationview.raspberryshake.or..

Live volcanic eruption in Iceland! – Monday 3rd – FLOcam

Live volcanic eruption in Iceland! – Monday 3rd – FLOcam


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