Watch: Kate & Anna McGarrigle — Rockpalast (Köln 1977)

In this broadcast from 1977, Canada’s beloved icons fight a battle against technology. And win.

10 January 2023 | James Porteous | Clipper Media News

This is a true and actual treasure. I was lucky enough to see K&A play many times and I think this is truly indicative of their live shows.

Live at Rockpalast, WDR Studio-L, Cologne, West Germany, February 3, 1977.


Dave Mattacks (drums)

Scott Lang (guitar)

Pat Donaldson (bass),

Chaim Tannenbaum (vocals, recorder, harmonica, mandolin)

Alan Stowell (violin)

Note: Mattacks and Donaldson played with Fairport Convention as well as many other bands

Note #2: You might see a number of absurd comments about the sound. This was recorded in 1977, likely onto VHS tape straight from the TV. But even if is the original master it is an amazing treasure of one of the best singer/songwriters Canada and French-Canada ever produced.

Note #3: K&A’s concerts were often something akin to inviting friends over to their living room to hear their latest tunes. In other words, what you see is what they are. But given that their show is based on beautiful and intricate vocal harmonies, it is always (always) essential that they be able to hear each other while singing in concert!

Note #4: I found a notation here (a great K&A concert-timeline) saying that ‘The original live performance was plagued by sound problems during recording. Re-broadcast April 6. An edited version was broadcast on an unknown date on Fresh Air NPR. An unknown 45 minute programme was broadcast on German TV on January 6, 1978 which may have been an edited version of the above.


Tracklist: 0. Intro – 0:00

1. Swimming Song – 0:16

2. Foolish You – 3:45

3. Fair and Tender Ladies – 7:24

4. Travelling on for Jesus – 13:25

5. Kiss and Say Goodbye –15:57

6. Hommage à Grungie – 20:30

7. (Talk to Me of) Mendocino – 26:11

8. Reel du Pendu – 30:42

9. Naufragée du Tendre (Shipwrecked) – 35:00

10. Dancer with Bruised Knees – 40:05

11. Be My Baby – 44:48

12. Heart Like a Wheel – 49:14

13. No Biscuit Blues – 52:52

14. Complainte pour Ste. Catherine – 55:14

15. The Work Song – 58:38


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