Watch: Early Raw Video – Ida in Louisiana (29 August 2021)

Early raw videos showing the arrival of hurricane Ida in Louisiana.

Photo: Hurricane Ida made landfall near Port Fourchon, Louisiana as a dangerous Category 4 storm (Reuters)

30 August 2021 | James Porteous | Clipper Media

These videos were pulled from YouTube and care has been taken to only share legitimate videos.

For fear factor, the first one is probably the only video you will need to see.

All of these videos appear to have been shot on Sunday 29 August, prior to Monday daylight.

Location and other details are included when provided in the original.

James Porteous

Locked-off camera shows devastating power of Hurricane Ida

Video footage caught on a locked-off camera at a dock in Port Fourchon, Louisiana shows the immense power of Hurricane Ida as it made landfall off the US south coast.  The category 4 storm moved through the state northward, causing structure damage and downed trees. Hurricane Ida: New Orleans loses power as category 4 storm hits

Thibodaux, Louisiana – Hurricane Ida Eyewall – August 29th, 2021

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Raw footage of Hurricane IDA extreme winds and storm surge, Golden Meadow, LA – 8/29/2021

Louisiana fire station before and after Hurricane Ida: RAW VIDEO

Before and after security camera footage from Fire Station #12 in Delacroix, Louisiana within a 1 hour time span. It shows the heavy storm surge caused by Hurricane Ida as it swept through.

Storm surge in St. Bernard Parish from Hurricane Ida

This video was taken around 75 miles away from Port Fourchon, where Hurricane Ida made landfall Sunday.

Hurricane Ida storm surge pounds home in Grand Isle, LA: RAW VIDEO

RAW VIDEO: High winds from Hurricane Ida at Golden Meadow, Louisiana

‘Please pray for us’: Hurricane Ida wreaks havoc on Southern Louisiana

RAW VIDEO: Ida storm surge flooding in Waveland, Miss.


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