USG: Planning the next world war

In the aftermath of covid and the current ‘cost of living’ crisis and the faraway wars in faraway lands, it is understandable that no one has noticed the plans for the next world war are openly underway.

13 April 2024 | James Porteous | Clipper Media News

Life sucks sometimes. We try, and often fail, to cope with constant changes. Our expectations fall short, we cannot attain our goals or even sustain viable relationships.

It is not our fault. It is just life.

Is that true? No. We have lived in a constant state of war for over 20 years. These were not ‘traditional’ wars, where one country threatens another country, and they engage in a prolonged pissing match. Most were little more than intentional murder and destruction.

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They were largely behind the scenes. Think the Iraq wars, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria… The list goes on.

At the time, we could say we did not really know what was happening. The visuals were rarely shown on the evening news. It is little wonder. The murder and destruction were horrendous, but the embedded ‘journalists’ could either agree to filter the footage or go home.

And be warned: what will come next is being planned even as we speak.

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We know now what the footage would have looked like. We have seen in on the news for the past six months. Well, if you hunt for it, you can see it. Indeed, we can now conclude that this will serve as the template for what will come next.

Germany has openly stated that they are preparing for war with Russia within the next three to five years. [Germany’s Bundeswehr: Getting ready to defend NATO; Germany Braces for Decades of Confrontation With Russia; ‘Army of the Future’: Germany restructures its military for total war; German troops arrive in Lithuania, their first long-term foreign deployment since World War II]

The United States, meanwhile, is preparing for war with China, likely within the same time frame. [Air Force general predicts war with China in 2025, tells officers to prep by firing ‘a clip’ at a target, and ‘aim for the head‘; US and Philippines step up strategic partnership as China threats loom in South China Sea; Biden says US support for Philippines, Japan defense ‘ironclad’ amid growing China provocations]

Of course, we know that the ‘provocations’ are not emanating from China or even Russian-based. The gleeful calls to arms are heard in the hallowed halls of the US Congress. And among shareholders of the Global Military Complex.

Who else would openly accept the sheer madness of pushing for all-out war with two nuclear powers? Who else would be willing to put the world, and their own citizens at risk?

No one else.

So, yes, life sucks sometimes. But look on the bright side. The Public Economy is in such bad shape now that nothing short of a war economy could help to put bread on the table. Well, no whole loves of bread.

James Porteous | Clipper Media News

Global war has already effectively begun on the battlefields in Ukraine and in the Israeli killing fields of the Gaza Strip. These are not separate conflicts, but part of a single emerging world conflict. The United States and its imperialist allies are determined to use war to enforce control over supply chains and natural resources. UAW President Fain at the White House dinner: The corporatist alliance for World War III


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