Update: Bo Carter ‘BAT’ Tour on Hold

10 March 2021 | James Porteous | Clipper Media |


(Dateline: Bumfuck) | Stonehenge Records | 10 March 2021

It is official. The much-maligned Bo Carter 2021 Bumfuck Anniversary Tour has been put on hold.

Carter’s manager, Marty Klein, has always had reservations about the feasibility of doing the tour this year, but Bo Carter is said to have been so confident it would go ahead that he had put new strings on his beloved Martin.

“Look, I know fans will be peeved. So am I. You know the cost of strings these days? And yes, Marty gave me a free pack but they were used long ago.”

Asked whether he was confident that the tour would ever take place, Klein responded: “Listen, this guy has ‘live free or die’ tattooed on his ass.”


“Seriously? How the fuck would I know.”

Klein went on to say that Carter had told him he had his ducks in a row and gas in the tank (not sure if he was referring to himself or the tour van- ed) and was even writing new material for the tour.

Klein noted that Bo has become ‘a person of interest’ since the release of his quasi-biography, The Last Record Album.

“Sure, he’s been around the block a few times,” Klein said. “Who hasn’t. But is he yesterday’s news? A sad sack of camel dung? A hapless hunk of hash? Not on your life. He is as vital and as vibrant as… Well. He is V&V. Mark my words.”

Klein told this reporter that the 2021 Bo Carter Bumfuck Anniversary All Access Tour Passes (BAAATP) distributed for free with Carter’s latest solo album, The Last Record Album, will remain valid until ‘hell freezes over.’

Asked if either he or Carter had any insight as to when that might occur, Klein responded: “Get the fuck outta my office.”


The Last Record Album is a fictional biography based on the ‘career’ of singer/songwriter Bo Carter. 

In truth, Carter could have been me. I discovered the music of Bob Dylan when I was 11-years-old and, by the time I was 14, I was writing music and concert reviews for national magazines.

The singer/songwriter career was not to be but music has been a passion ever since. 

So The Last Record Album is indeed fictional, but it is also a biography. 

The details of the artists Bo meets along the way are told in ‘real time’ and the insights into song-writing and performing are culled from things I have witnessed along the way, including conversations with many well-known and ‘real’ songwriters.

The Last Record Album is on sale now at fine ebook outlets around the world.

No, seriously.



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