The Unthanks: New Album and Tour

It has been seven years since their last ‘non-project’ release and ages since their last tour.

03 November 2021 | Press Release | The Unthanks

We are hugely excited to announce a new album and tour!

It will be over two years since the last show! And seven years after the release of Mount The Air!

THE UNTHANKS will be back in top gear, with the rich and colourful sound of an eleven-piece band, showcasing forthcoming album, Sorrows Away, alongside performances of favourites such as The King Of Rome, Magpie, Starless and Mount The Air.

While the past seven years have been as prolific as any, the new record will be the first, full, non-project based Unthanks record since Mount The Air won BBC Folk Album Of The Year in 2015. Promising, as the song goes, to ‘drive sorrows away’, THE UNTHANKS hope that both tour and record will be uplifting for one and all.

Yes, that’s right. An uplifting Unthanks record?! Surely it’s worth coming, just to see whether we can deliver on that!

The shows are announced today and will be on sale 10am Friday 05 November 2021. Links to each show ticket page will appear on our website on Friday morning.

What Can You Do To Help?

After such a long time off the road, and even before that, a long stretch in which we focused on smaller and more niche projects, this feels like a make or break time for us, as it is for many artists.

We have chosen this difficult moment for live music, to stage our biggest and riskiest tour for years! Big venues, big band, big costs! We have received so much support over lockdown, without which we wouldn’t be locked away right now creating a new album. But this continues to be very difficult time for musicians and the industry in general. What can you do to help as devout mailing list members?

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Buy Your Tickets Early

Not only does this guarantee you the best seats in the house, it helps those venues who are struggling to recover, by giving them your cash now, to ensure their survival so that they’re still there when showtime comes around!

Plan Fun!

Plan ahead with friends or family to make an event of it! Come to London to see us at the Palladium! Plan a city trip by taking advantage of weekend dates in Liverpool, Newcastle, Edinburgh, London, Brighton and Manchester. Revolve that long overdue visit to Dublin on our show. If not already, surely by next April / May, you will be due some new adventures?! Full dates in the image above.

* Note that other dates that were cancelled due to lockdown, are, where possible, being rearranged and will be announced soon.

Tickets for the tour go on sale at 10am on Friday 05 November 2021.

Ticket links to each show will be on our new website at the same address –


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