The Two Guitar Greats

What are the odds of two of the greats -Robbie Robertson and Jerry Garcia- passing away on the same date?

11 August 2023 | James Porteous | Clipper Media News

I had two guitar heroes growing up: Jerry Garcia with the Grateful Dead and Robbie Robertson from The Band.

I saw both groups play more often than I can remember.

And the first ‘real’ concert I ever saw was The Band playing at Toronto’s storied Massey Hall. It was just after the release of the ‘Brown’ album. It was (and remains) the best concert I have ever seen. (This claims to be a recording from that show but I think that is unlikely. It is listed as an audience recording but the sound is very a clear for an aud show in 1970. And it sounds like it was recorded outside. Still, it is a fine show, wherever it was recorded and the site does have some fantastic shows by a number of artists.)

And I actually managed to see both bands play at Watkins Glen in 1973.

So it is always sad to mark the passing of someone you admire, but of course they have both left behind many, many albums and, in the case of the Dead, thousands of concerts.

So the music lives on. As do their spirits.

Two of the greats.

James Porteous | Clipper Media

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