The Three Imperial Cartoons

Alexei Navalny, Gonzalo Lira, and Julian Assange. Three men whose lives are of obsessively great importance to The Empire.

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27 February 2024 | Paul Edwards | Information Clearing House

Cartoons are pictures that ludicrously exaggerate and distort the unique characteristics of a subject. This distortion distinguishes them from portraits or precision images and gives them impact. The American Public is now exposed to three cartoons of critical importance, likely to have a powerful effect on the hive mind.

The caricatures are of three men whose lives are, in one way or another, of great, indeed, of so obsessively great importance to The Empire that if feels it imperative to control absolutely what you think of or about these men. This is odd, because two of the men are dead, and one might suppose their need to make you understand them properly would be less important than when they were living, but that’s not how it works in The Empire. The three are Alexei Navalny, Gonzalo Lira, and Julian Assange.

Navalny, deceased some days ago, is being celebrated with a tsunami of hagiography only equaled in The Empire by eulogies accorded assassinated Presidents. The aura of holiness in which he is bathed by imperial media is simply impermeable. The reason for his canonization and ascension into the heavens of propaganda, is that he was, for The Empire, their Great White Hope against Russia and the man that Biden, with typical, sparkling wit, called that “crazy SOB”.

Vast amounts of dollars were invested in Navalny and all other pop-up groups and parties willing to go on the payroll of The Empire as agents in its clumsy, naive effort— beyond hopeless from, oh, say, the year 2000—to effect “regime change” in Russia. The many pallets of Franklins that have evaporated in that idiots’ delight exceed the 5 Billion Vickie Nuland funneled into Ukraine to buy it, install her man, and say “fuck the EU”.

As The Empire’s White Knight, his minor flaws—virulent racism—were no problem, though his inability to get elected to anything or build a following was discouraging to his funders at NED and the CIA. Dead, though, he became for it a magical martyr to the re-invented Evil Empire. In truth, the man was neither especially good or bad, and the facts that he was completely ineffectual and virtually unknown in his own country, and that his feeble crusade against Putin had no chops, are neither interesting nor damning.

AP Headline: Yulia Navalnaya once avoided the limelight. Now she’s Russia’s newest opposition leader.

The Widow

What is mind-boggling is the intensity of the energy being put out by The Empire to make this insignificant, unimportant chap a great moral hero to Americans. We are told he was the greatest rebel since Spartacus, a Slavic Honest Abe, and the one hope of suffering millions for liberation at last from a regime they have elected for the past 20 years, when the reality is that he was a bland, colorless, gadfly nonentity of no consequence at all.

A second man, Gonzalo Lira, also dead now, is being handled in an absolutely opposite way. That is, every possible effort is being made by our politburo and its media whores to see to it that you never hear of him at all. Lira, you see, while not a man of any great influence, was a truth telling, free lance reporter who, living in Ukraine, did not embrace The Empire’s narrative which is pure bullshit, and has been from long before the Maidan debacle.

His open podcasts regarding what he saw and knew were made only with intent to inform, breaking through the seamless stream of macho happy talk and delusional official pep talks to puncture the propaganda bubble at every point he touched it, to lay out what was really happening on the ground. He was where it was all going down, experiencing the sad reality of America’s proxy war and, unfailingly fair in his analyses, he pulled no punches.

In so doing, he drew fire from Zelensky’s muscle and got a tour of their holding pen with a bit of roughing on top. They let him out, warning that any further provocation and he’d be iced for good. Foolishly, he made this all known online and then made a break for the border where he was caught and disappeared.

That was six or eight months ago, during which no word of him got out. He was an American citizen but our Embassy, appealed to by many sources, stonewalled and did nothing. He died inside about a week ago, of pneumonia, it was said. In the enormous outpouring of rage and grief Navalny’s death required to make him an American hero, Lira’s end didn’t make the papers.

The third man, alive in spite of The Empire is, without any close rival, the greatest journalist in this world since Tom Paine. Julian Assange, besides being everything the American press is not—a journalist who goes after truth no matter whose ox is gored, or what the cost to himself—is a monumental hero.

Founder of Wikileaks, he was first targeted by The Empire for release of the notorious “Collateral Murder” video, made by an America helicopter as it strafed and killed unarmed Iraqi civilians and children and two Reuters journalists while the pilot joked on audio about his murders. This one video—though he released much more on American barbarity in Iraq— did more to sicken the world at U.S. brutality and atrocity, than any other piece of information in the entire course of that hideous, criminal war.

The Empire went after Assange, determined to destroy him, with Sweden and the U.K. colluding, and drove him to seek asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy, facing a list of conjured up, bogus charges. Treachery helped the CIA video him and allowed his kidnapping and jailing by the supine, sick twits who run England, who have held him in solitary five years, uncharged. The Empire is now conspiring with medieval, bewigged, profoundly corrupt English judges to extradite him in order to kill him in America.

As Navalny is deified, Lira’s name won’t be mentioned, and all you will hear from the slut media about Assange is how terrible he is for exposing the vicious depravity of your own evil country.

Presentation is everything in The Empire now.

Paul Edwards is a writer and film-maker in Montana. He can be reached at:

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