The Free and Open War Machine Market of Ukraine

The new US ‘foreign policy’ is based on creating, but not necessarily fighting in foreign incursions. Ukraine is a prime example.

29 October 2022 | James Porteous | Clipper Media News

For decades the main ‘foreign policy’ of the USA has seen its leaders attempt -and usually succeed- in goading other nations into believing that the US was an on-going existential threat to their survival.

It worked with Russia and its recent Ukraine incursion, just as it did in Syria and Afghanistan.

But even nuclear powers have to change with the times.

What we are seeing now is the creation of an ingenious ‘war economy.’

Again, if we compare the mayhem of Afghanistan and Syria with the hands-off ease of Ukraine and other countries, we will notice that the US has created but is not actively taking part in an all-out war.

We know this war is between ‘Ukraine’ and Russia with the full support of its global police force, NATO, but if we step back we might notice that despite whatever boots they might have on the ground -and there is no doubt they are present- Ukraine is really little more than a Free and Open War Machine Market of Ukraine

Indeed the military corporations, which are coincidentally the only real money-making industry in the US aside from Big Oil, are ‘receiving’ billions of dollars in contracts from.. Well, the US government.

Billions and billions as Mr Sagan used to say.

The difference is that The Free and Open War Machine Market of Ukraine, like all commercial enterprises, need only answer to market needs. So once sales ‘drop off,’ the market will be closed and the merchants will move to sell their wares elsewhere.

And unlike in Afghanistan, there will be no need to destroy the products left behind because the products left have been sold to local buyers and all warranties are considered null and void.

But, of course, there are certain… repercussions.

Aside from the need to compensate the leaders of the country, the locals are not likely to benefit in any way from the Market. Indeed, as is the case in Ukraine, because it is in essence a civil war, each and every missile fired has the very real potential of hitting… well, locals.

And of course, there are other collateral considerations, like the almost complete destruction of local infrastructure and the likelihood of leaving behind a reinvigorated but otherwise impotent ‘leadership.’

And yes, yes, The Free and Open Reconstruction Market will open in time to reap the benefits of the destruction the sellers have left behind, but the sugarplum visions of billions and billions in reconstruction contracts could make a dead man youknowwhat, all the more so when the sellers realize that, even if they ‘win’ a contract, they will be under no particular obligation to actually do what they said they would do.

Doing what they said they would do would cost money. Lots of money. And it is not their fault someone left the country in such a mess.

And just about now we should start watching for tell-tale signs from the US ‘government’ and the market sellers indicating that it might be time to ‘rethink’ the financial feasibility of the Market.

But, seriously, this should not be a cause for alarm because, just prior to the closing of the Market, we will certainly notice the early indications of a New War Machine Market.

Where will it be this time? Syria? Somalia?

If you guessed The Free and Open War Machine Market of Taiwan, please move to the front of the class.

That Market is already open, of course, but even Nuclear Joe has to walk softly this time, lest China accidentally feels one of those nasty existential threats to their survival that are the backbone of US ‘foreign policy.’

Because, as we now know, the US is not really capable of waging a ‘traditional’ war. They lack the manpower or armaments and -frankly- the know-how to win something so serious.

So we can expect Nuclear Joe will continue with his ‘threats’ but the chance of China being goaded into a suicidal war remains – hopefully- remote.

And what of America? What indeed.

There will be many more Markets and miles to go before they sleep, but no matter how their beloved Midterm elections play out, we can likely expect two years of posturing on the long road to the 2024 Presidential elections.

Or the Republicans might gain de facto control of the government if not shares of the Markets and we will have to wait and see how that pissing match plays out.

James Porteous | Clipper Media News


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