Read: The Fireflies of Torino (ebook)

A collection of short stories and stand-alone dialogues that shed a light on modern life – the dreams, regrets, hidden choices, hope, lust, and sometimes, even love.

The Fireflies of Torino:

Bonnie and Parker have been living in a marital trance for years.

Nigerian Sade was shipped to Italy and is now trying to survive in a world that routinely treats her with utter disdain.

Sunok Yoon is a rising star in Toronto’s Korean community, but online she is the master of an intricate internet scam known as ‘Butchering the Pig.’

And Cal and Rebecca started dating and then started sleeping together and then started living together, and now they are ‘wondering’ together: is there room for God in her irreligious world?

The Fireflies of Torino, a collection of short-stories and stand-alone dialogues that explore the hopes, dreams, lust, and sometimes, even the love of every-day people searching for meaning in an ever-changing world.


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