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22 August 2021 | James Porteous | Clipper Media

‘He Said, She Said’ – An engaging and humorous collection of Studs Terkel-style tales of faith, love, life, and sometimes, even redemption.

Meet the burlesque dancer in New Orleans, the young woman in the American South fearful of religious commitment, and the young people looking for love in all the wrong places at a speed dating session at the local high school.

And many other souls, both lost and found.

He Said, She Said is an engaging and humorous collection of tales of faith, love, life, and sometimes even redemption.

In this new work of fiction, the author draws compelling inspiration from a lifetime of daily observations as well as his experiences working as a freelance writer and as a visual researcher for two major television networks.

James is also the author of two novels, The Fake Empire and The Last Record Album.

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