Palestinian writer responds to ‘civilized’ war coverage in Ukraine 

As Ghada Hania points out, there is a stark difference between war coverage in Ukraine and other… ‘uncivilized’ battles for freedom

Photo: Screenshot – CBS correspondent Charlie D’Agata

07 March 2022 |  GHADA HANIA  | Mondoweiss | With additional video

This is Ghada. I am uncivilized. I have graduated from the English Literature department. I am about to finish my master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. I am a researcher, translator, content writer, and blogger with four years of experience in both Arabic and English language. 

I am uncivilized; I am a member of the Palestinian Writers Association. I published a book in a well-known Jordanian publishing house and wrote a high-quality blog in Aljazeera blogs. 

My uncivilized father is a mathematics teacher who taught generations and inspired my uncivilized old sister, a mathematics teacher. My uncivilized young brother has recently graduated from the Faculty of Science, physics. My uncivilized mom has a small library filled with many books from different genres; she reads and writes summaries on the bond paper.


Ghada Hania

Ghada Hania is an academic researcher, content writer, and translator who was raised in the UAE and is based in the Gaza Strip.

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My uncivilized uncle has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and is a university teacher. My uncivilized aunt is a labor and delivery nurse at the hospital. She was caring about patients. My uncivilized cousin is a computer engineer; she is a web developer and computer programmer.

My uncivilized niece loves to buy astronaut toys wishing to become an astronaut when she grows up. My uncivilized nephew has a little piano, and she is learning the musical notes through an application on her mom’s phone.

My uncivilized family has taught me and my siblings to love others, respect the elderly, and show kindness to children. My uncivilized family has taught us honor, dignity, justice, generosity, and honesty. They also taught us to spread love and harmony. 

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Our uncivilized neighbor is the operation manager at al-Shifa hospital. He spends most of the day at work. He could barely see his family; he is happy, however, as he provides humanitarian services to helpless people.  

My uncivilized friend is an artist. She paints the characters with a charcoal pencil, and her paintings have been shown in many art exhibitions. 

My uncivilized teacher won an award for international publishing, and I remember that he published a book in legal translation in a well-reputed publishing house in Britain. 

My uncivilized classmate has published her first novel in 2017. She is a writer, and she was awarded many literary prizes. Her little uncivilized kid is completely obsessed with collecting children’s comic books.

I am enrolled in a training course about entrepreneurship in literary production. I met an uncivilized girl who suffered from a disease in her childhood, yet she insisted on continuing and not surrendering. As the days went by, she was healed. She became a multi-talented artist; she draws, writes, and has her small wooden furniture company.

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The Supervisor in this training is an uncivilized woman who has a master’s degree in medical chemistry, and she holds a patent for the treatment of a skin-related disease. 

Two bookstores were opened owned by uncivilized people living in the neighborhood. You can find everything you can imagine there. 

Our uncivilized society shows cooperation and unity during aggressions carried out by the Israeli occupation. We shelter, in our homes, anybody who desperately needs it. We feed them and take care of them.

Moreover, our uncivilized society call for contribution campaigns to support needy people. And more importantly, a large number of uncivilized people respond to the blood donation campaigns held in health centers. 

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Our uncivilized freedom fighters bravely defend their homeland from the real enemy. They prepare and equip themselves very well day and night for the sake of their people’s freedom, dignity, and honor. They sacrifice their souls, yearning for freedom. 

Our uncivilized construction workers reconstruct buildings, towers, houses, institutions, education centers from the ashes. The Israeli occupation destroys everything, and they again and again and again build them. 

Our uncivilized people have a fervent hope in their hearts that they will, one day, be independent and free from the occupation.

We are uncivilized, and we don’t have blue eyes and blond hair.


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