Listen: The Waterboys – Love That Kills

17 March 2021 | James Porteous | Clipper Media |

Waterboys – Love That Kills

Will you take me slowly
Will you lead me all the way
Will you sing me your songs
Until I am ready for
The love that kills

I have known you in the
Sheets and folds of many lifetimes
You were there when I was made
And I will speak to you in the language of dream until
Love comes my way
Love that kills

Hey I will ride on a dolphin, rain in my face
Wind in all of my sails
There’s a shadow hard on my heels now
But I’m still trying to, I’m still trying to…

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Get to the place, where rolling rivers overspill
I have come a long way and I need my cup refilled

So when you come for me slowly
When you come knocking on my door
When the soul sings
And the man is still
I will be ready
I will be ready
Yes I will be ready for the love that kills

Writer(s): Mike Scott

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