Clipper Music: Alan Stivell (Ian Morrison Reel) (1973)

This classic Alan Stivell track from 1973 starts off ‘standard’ and then kicks into high gear. A real treat.

21 February 2022 | James Porteous | Clipper Media

Alan Stivell was (is) mainly known for his harp playing. In his later years, he was usually associated with a more laid-back style.

All of his music is great but this one, Ian Morrison Reel, is a monster kick up the backside.

As you will hear, it starts off sounding like a standard reel (and lord knows it is good) but then…

Well then it slowly moves up to wrap speed and then the electric guitars and drums kick in and, good lord, this reel takes no prionsoners.

Play it LOUD.

And apologies, I realised too late that it is one of those stuipd uTube posts that does now ‘allow’ embedding.

Link here please

Link here.


Alan Stivell (Breton pronunciation: [ˈɑːlãn ‘sti:vəlː]; born Alan Cochevelou on 6 January 1944)[1] is a French, Breton and Celtic musician and singer, songwriter, recording artist, and master of the Celtic harp.

From the early 1970s, he revived global interest in the Celtic (specifically Breton) harp and Celtic music as part of world music.[1]

 As a bagpiper and bombard player, he modernized traditional Breton music and singing in the Breton language. A precursor of Celtic rock, he is inspired by the union of the Celtic cultures and is a keeper of the Breton culture.

Chemins de Terre is a folk rock album by Alan Stivell, originally released in 1973. It was produced by Franck Giboni. It was retitled From Celtic Roots… in the United Kingdom and Celtic Rock in Germany. Wikipedia

Track listing

All tracks Traditional, arranged by Alan Stivell; except where indicated

  1. “Susy MacGuire” 3:35
  2. “Ian Morrison Reel” 4:09 (Peter McLeod, arranged by Alan Stivell)
  3. She Moved Through The Fair” 4:13
  4. “Can Y Melinydd” 1:59
  5. “Oidhche Mhaith” 1:53
  6. “An Dro Nevez” 3:45
  7. “Maro e Ma Mestrez” 3:08
  8. “Brezhoneg’ Raok” 3:08 (Alan Stivell)
  9. “An Hini a Garan” 4:11
  10. “Metig” 4:07
  11. “Kimiad” 3:34


  • Alan Stivell – Celtic harp, vocals, Scottish bagpipes, whistle, mellotron, timbales, harmonium
  • Gabriel Yacoub – acoustic guitar, banjo, dulcimerpsaltery, vocal
  • René Werneer – fiddle, vocals
  • Pascal Stive – organ, piano
  • Jean-Luc Hallereau – bass, vocal
  • Dan Ar Bras – electric and acoustic guitars, vocal
  • Michel Santangelli – drums
  • Marie Yacoub – spoons, vocals
  • Elyane Werneer, Mireille Werneer – vocals
  • Michel Delaporte – tablas


  • (Breton pipe band) Bagad Bleimor – bagpipes, bombardes, Scottish drums


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