Clipper Mayhem (01 October 2023)

News and Views from around the world 01 October 2023

Clipper Mayhem
01 October 2023

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  1. Squeezing communities dry: water grabbing by the global food industry
    Pension fund managers, private equity firms and other financial players are moving aggressively to snatch up lands around the world with access to water for irrigation. #water #land #equityfirms
  2. U2 debuts eye-popping, jaw-dropping, brain-breaking Vegas Sphere residency in the atomic city of blinding lights
    “I’m ready for what’s next,” Bono declared during opening number “Zoo Station,” but the audience could in no way be fully prepared for what would unfold over the next 120 minutes. #U2 #music #LasVegas #Spher
  3. Robert Reich: Resurrecting The Common Good, A Civic Education For All – OpEd
    Today in my series on the common good, I’m proposing that our schools reinstate what used to be called “civic education.” #socialcontract #schools
  4. Caitlin Johnstone: Dying for Inches in Ukraine
    That weapons systems are being tested on human bodies to the immense benefit of war profiteers over a completely avoidable and provoked war is nightmarishly depraved. #war #Ukraine #weapons
  5. Scientists have designed a new drug that mimics all the benefits of rigorous exercise
    The new drug boosted the metabolism and helped muscle gain and weight loss in mice – though it will be years before it will be trialled in humans.

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