How Charlie Pride became an unlikely hero in Belfast and Dublin

The actual Belfast Cowboy arrived in Belfast in 1976 when the Northern Ireland capital was at war. Photo: Poster child for country … Charley Pride performs on a TV show in London in February 1975. Photograph: Michael Putland/Getty Images 08 December […]

Obituary: Paddy Moloney – Musician (Chieftains) (83)

Mr Moloney was Founder and leader of the world-famous traditional Irish music band the Chieftains Photo: Paddy Moloney playing the tin whistle with the Chieftains in Cheyenne, Wyoming, in 1988. Photograph: Mark Junge/Getty Images 13 October 2021 – Derek Schofield – […]

Backstory: The UK’s Troubles ‘Amnesty’

A series of articles discussing what some are calling the UK’s “de facto amnesty” for those involved in Troubles-related killings. Northern Secretary says proposals are ‘painful recognition of the reality of where we are’ 2. Proposals characterised as ‘de facto […]