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04 February 2024 | James Porteous | Clipper Media Books

As a regular reader of Clipper Media, I wanted to let you know about new ebooks available from Clipper Media Books. 

Hawkins Bay is perhaps the most difficult of the three books being published. An anti-war novel, it details the end of the War Against War as the 1% take refuge from radiation in the Freedom Bunkers, leaving Those Left behind to fend for themselves. As usual. The book is not without humor.

Like the other ebooks, Hawkins Bay is available via Amazon and Payhip. You can see information on all three ebooks at Link.Tree

Planet Earth is but one tiny, obscure, and frankly otherwise useless piece of property in God’s rather large real estate portfolio.

And yet, He spends the majority of His time sorting out their wars, climate change, greed and corruption.

They will never learn. The Endless War on War is finally over and the 1% are moving into their radiation-proof Freedom Bunkers, but Those Left Behind… well, they have been left behind.

Still, there is a hint of revenge in the putrid, radiated and acidic air. Dirty Gringo has a plan, Stan. Why not? What the hell does he have to lose?

Got a war? Got a revolution.

All three ebooks are available via Link.Tree

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