Clint Eastwood Is 91, And He’s Directed 17 Films Just Since He Turned 70

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. 31 May 2021 | Peter Debruge | Variety There’s no putting Clint Eastwood out to pasture. Clint turns 91 today, and it’s worth celebrating the fact that this Hollywood legend is still turning out work at a faster […]

Edgar Wright talks to Steven Spielberg About ‘Duel’

27 March 2018 |  Willow Green | Empire (original link) When we asked a number of directors to write essays on their favourite Steven Spielberg movie for our current issue dedicated to the great director and his works, the likes of Miartin Scorsese, Christopher […]

Book: Billy Wilder: From poor Austrian journalist to Hollywood superstar

The director’s newly translated writings reveal how his life as a penniless reporter shaped his hit movies 18 April 2021 | Donna Ferguson | Observer (original link) In an arresting scene from one of director Billy Wilder’s most famous films, Some Like […]

Why the closing of 18 Arclight and Pacific theaters is such a big deal

13 April 2021 | Tom Brueggemann | Indiewire (original link) The closing of 18 theaters is equivalent to 153 McDonald’s or three Apple stores. The 18 Arclight and Pacific Theaters represented about one percent of the North American box-office gross, but the […]