Jane Goodall Urges World Charities to Stop Gifting Animals

Ms Goodall’s hope is to urge charities to switch to plant-based alternatives instead of animals. Photo: Goats being sold at Mdeka market near Salima, Malawi. Photograph: Aaron Ufumeli/EPA 20 December 2021 | Abigail Jane | One Green Planet Jane Goodall, along […]

One of the largest natural lakes in the U.S. is set to hit a 170-year low

Photo: People gather at the receding edge of the Great Salt Lake to watch the sunset on June 13, 2021, near Salt Lake City. The lake has been shrinking for years, and a drought gripping the American West could make […]

No to soda pop, but $1m per Instagram post is okay?

Photo: Cristiano Ronaldo (pictured) removed the Coca-Cola bottles from the press conference in front of him, before he claimed: ‘Drink water’. (Images: Twitter) Surely the act of replacing a bottle of Coke with a bottle of Coke Water is not […]

California Drought: State to cut water to thousands of farms, water agencies

Photo: A tractor plows a dry field last month in Madera. Thousands of farms and water agencies that rely on flows from California’s vast delta watershed are being told to stop drawing water from rivers and creeks. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images […]