Obituary: Kathy Boudin – Weather Underground (78)(2022)

Though unarmed and not at the scene where a guard was killed, Boudin was sentenced to a prison term of 20 years to life. Photo: Kathy Boudin at a news conference in 1969, when she was part of the radical […]

Canada: Justin Trudeau’s ‘Emergency Act’ explained

Canadian PM surprised Canadians – and everyone else in the world – when he invoked a never-before-used act, sparking world-wide coverage – and then protests against the Act around the world. Photo: Protesters began converging on Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, […]

Europe is returning to the dark days of Covid

“You can’t imagine standing at the market drinking mulled wine while hospitals are full and fighting over the last resources.” Photo: In Austria, the Christmas markets will only be open for those who are either vaccinated against or recovered from […]