Eileen Gu: Navigating two cultures, judged by both of them

Unlike the recent ‘stories’ about the tennis player and the figure skater, Ms Gu is thankfully in a position to speak out against the West’s quasi-political media obsession with these young, female athletes. Photo: Silver medal winner China’s Eileen Gu […]

Simone Biles and the problem with ‘self-care’

Photo: Getty The Olympics showed us how out of fashion resilience has become. 09 August 2021 | REBEKAH WANIC AND NINA POWELL | Spiked As in Olympics past, Tokyo 2020 has had its fair share of controversies, inviting commentary on […]

How a counter-movement in 1963 changed the Olympic Games forever

Photo: Commemorative stamps of the “1st Games of the New Emerging Forces.” The 1964 Olympics in Tokyo banned all athletes who took part in a counter-competition a year earlier called the Games of the New Emerging Forces, which were dubbed […]

Surfing’s Olympic Wave Whisperer

Photo: Kurt Korte at Tsurigasaki Beach. “If we get to the end and we go, ‘Oh, no, the surf’s not very good,’ then I haven’t done my job.”Credit…James Hill for The New York Times Kurt Korte does not control the waves […]

NBC Sports Crew’s Rewriting Rule Book to get 7000 Hours of Games onto the Air

Traditionally NBC, like every other network covering the Games, would spend months filming athlete interviews and background material. 22 July 2021 | Brian Steinberg | Variety The people putting 7,000 hours of Olympics coverage on screen for NBC are facing […]

Japan’s Olympic money-making dreams have hit a snag

Photo: The grand opening of the Shinkansen bullet train at Tokyo in October 1964. Newscom/Alamy It could be said that the Olympic Games were never intended to ‘make money.’ While the IOC and broadcasters will profit from ‘ the games,’ the […]

Let the games begin: Japan declares a coronavirus state of emergency for Tokyo

Photo: Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty Images Spectators to face Olympic ban as Tokyo declares coronavirus emergency-report 08 July 2021 | Eimi YamamitsuTetsushi Kajimoto | Reuters TOKYO, July 8 (Reuters) – Olympic organisers are set to ban all spectators from the Games, the […]