‘Mauro, the master of solitude’ leaves island home after 32 years

Photo: Morandi’s home on the island of Budelli, where he has been the sole inhabitant for 30 years. PHOTO COURTESY MAURO MORANDI Mauro Morandi had been the sole resident of Budelli, Italy, for decades. ‘I became so used to the silence. […]

Lucia Mantione: Funeral finally held for Sicilian girl 66 after her murder

Photo: A picture of Lucia Mantione by her tombstone in Montedoro’s cemetery. Photograph: Lorenzo Tondo/The Guardian The Catholic church had denied 13-year-old girl sexually assaulted and killed in 1955 a funeral due to arcane rule whereby priests could forbid funerals in […]

Photo Essay: The Women of Venice Discover Boating

Photo: Boating instructor Marta Canino steers her way through the canals of Venice with her student Sara. Photo: Giacomo Sini Boating has been a pastime for men for hundreds of years in Venice. But during the pandemic, the lagoon surrounding […]

The Uncertain Future of the Gondola-Builders of Venice

13 April 2021 | Rebecca Ann Hughes | Apollo (original link) Header Photo: In hibernation: covered gondolas line the shore in Venice in December 2020. Photo: Laurel Chor/Getty Images At the water’s edge in front of St Mark’s Square, rows of […]