Omicron and the elite that cried wolf

It has taken two full years for the Western elite to realize the pandemic must be treated holistically in policy terms Photo: The independent US voters who determine elections no longer believe a word the White House says about COVID-19, […]

The consumerism that destroys life is also the cause of the environmental emergency

Decades ago, corporations and governments invented the traits we now call ‘human nature.’ COP26 has shown ‘consumers’ that buying something ‘different’ is not working. 13 November 2021 | Graham Peebles | Euroasia Review The natural environment has been poisoned, vandalized […]

Artificial Intelligence: Have Humans Already Lost Control?

Prof Stuart Russell believes the future for AI lies in developing machines that know they must check in with humans – rather like a butler. Photo: There is still a big gap between the AI of today and that depicted […]

Human behaviour: what scientists learned about humans during the pandemic

Photo: People haven’t been as irrational during the pandemic as some initially thought. Jennifer M. Mason/Shutterstock 01 July 2021 | Stephen Reicher | The Conversation During the pandemic, a lot of assumptions were made about how people behave. Many of those […]