Smokefree 2025: 14-year-olds in New Zealand will be banned from smoking under new law

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the action plan was focused on ensuring young people did not take up smoking in the first place Photo: The Government has put forward a number of proposals to try achieve its goal of making […]

And then she tried ‘period pants…’

Previously a niche, expensive product, period knickers are now readily available on the UK high street. Women explain why they are turning their backs on single-use pads and tampons Photo: ‘I feel more confident’ … menstrual underwear by M&S (left) and Modibodi. […]

Tunisians caught in the eye of the coronavirus storm

Photo: Tunisians celebrated on July 25 after President Kais Saied announced the dismissal of the country’s prime minister following nationwide protests. (AFP) Is it a coup or the result of covid mayhem? I don’t claim to know but there are […]

Let the games begin: Japan declares a coronavirus state of emergency for Tokyo

Photo: Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty Images Spectators to face Olympic ban as Tokyo declares coronavirus emergency-report 08 July 2021 | Eimi YamamitsuTetsushi Kajimoto | Reuters TOKYO, July 8 (Reuters) – Olympic organisers are set to ban all spectators from the Games, the […]

Pakistan’s heatwave: Hotter than the human body can handle?

Photo: Shama Ajay resides in an informal settlement without water and electricity in Jacobabad’s unrelenting heat CREDIT: Saiyna Bashir Experts fear Jacobabad’s extreme heat and humidity may worsen with climate change – and that other cities may join the club 28 […]

‘Natural’ disasters are due to societal failures

Photo: Not everyone finds it equally easy to follow government guidelines. Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA-EFE, FAL The term “natural disaster”: it’s a misnomer. Disasters occur due to societal failures, not nature. Here are six things we can do now. 21 June 2021 | Ilan […]