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Porteous worked for over 20 years as a digital librarian and archivist in Toronto and then Washington, DC, and Doha, Qatar for CBC and Al Jazeera English.

He is an author, freelance writer, musician, songwriter, photographer, and anti-war and human rights activist.

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The Insolent Caretaker

The world of strippers, con artists, issues of faith, the lovelorn, passion, adult issues, faith tents, lust, breaking up, making up, putting up. A collection of #shortfiction fashioned after the work of Studs Terkel


The Last War

The 1% have retreated to Freedom Bunkers to ride out the radioactive mess their Endless War on War has created. And those left behind? They have indeed been left behind. Got a revolution.

Biden warns: Prepare for nuclear Armageddon ‘Even more extraordinary, Biden issued this warning not from the Oval Office, in a public address to a nationwide and international audience, but to a select group of billionaires. In effect, he gave his super-rich backers advance warning to prepare their bunkers.’



Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll at the back of the tour bus. Join Bo Carter as he sings, drinks, and sleeps his way around the world. With a little help from Bob Dylan.


Buy Bo Carter’s album recorded by the author just for this book.

Bo Carter’s The Last Record Album album at his Bandcamp Site


James Porteous has worked in various media jobs over the past 30 years.

He began writing record and concert reviews for national magazines when he was 14 years old. He continues to write for various blogs and online publications.

James Porteous

From there he moved on to television, working as a digital librarian and archivist, first with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto and then Al Jazeera English in Washington, DC, and Doha, Qatar.

Having come of age during what the West calls ‘The Vietnam War,’ he could not help but notice that the American boys coming home in body bags were basically his age.

These early images have remained with him for his entire life.

He was also involved in the six-month build-up of TV equipment and crews assigned to Shock and Awe in the first Iraq War.

How else could the images be beamed around the world at the very moment they were taking place!

Porteous is an author, freelance writer, musician, songwriter, photographer, and anti-war and human rights activist.

His latest novel, The Last War on War serves as a reminder that, for decades, the governments in the Global North have offered their manufactured wars, corporate greed, poverty, and military spending as proof that humans are inherently evil.

It is a profitable but deadly fiction.

His previous book, The Last Record Album, is a fictional biography based on stories and musicians he met while working in the music industry.



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