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The Last Record Album is a ‘fictional’ account of the life of singer-songwriter Bo Carter. The storytelling flows seamlessly that as a reader, I had to remind myself that this was a work of fiction.

Bo Carter is a part of the ever-changing music scene during the 1960’s. During the folk-filled period of that decade he talked with Bob Dylan over a cup of coffee and his band was an opening act for England’s The Kinks.

Along the way we meet his muse and he wonders if Bo’s best days are far behind him. As Dylan once sang ‘the times they are a changing’ and Bo does not want to say goodbye to his decades long career or be cast as another two hit wonder.

Bo believes there is another great song in him. Bob Dylan is interested in recording one of Bo’s songs and a well known Hollywood director needs a tune for a soundtrack. Could this be Bo’s chance to resurrect his career?

At the end of this book, the reader will find a link to the music of Bo Carter (written by James Porteous). This wonderful treat makes this novel very real, exciting and a highly recommended read.

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