The Last Record Album is a fictional biography based on the ‘career’ of singer/songwriter Bo Carter. 

In truth, Carter could have been me. I discovered the music of Bob Dylan when I was 11-years-old and by the time I was 14 I was writing music and concert reviews for national magazines.

The singer/songwriter career was not to be but music has been a passion ever since. 

So The Last Record Album is indeed fictional, but it is also a biography. 

The details of the artists Bo meets along the way are told in ‘real time’ and the insights into song-writing and performing are culled from things I have witnessed along the way, including conversations with many well-known and ‘real’ songwriters.

The book also includes live Bandcamp links to a number of songs ‘written’ by Bo Carter (well, actually, James Porteous) a list of my favorite Bob Dylan songs, interviews with Bo Carter and live YouTube links to dozens of songs I have enjoyed over the years. 

James Porteous

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