The ‘Big Mac in Every Pot’ Initiative

USG should dump ‘the rules-based global order’ pre-war slogan and adopt something everyone can relate to. And understand.

09 March 2023 | James Porteous | Clipper Media News

Every year, the United States Government (USG) releases its ‘Intelligence Community’s Worldwide Threat Assessment.’

Often referred to simply as the “ATA,” the Annual Threat Assessment provides an unclassified summary of the Intelligence Community’s evaluation of current threats to U.S. national security, including cyber and technological threats, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, crime, environmental and natural resources issues, and economic issues.

‘During the coming year (2023) the United States and its allies will confront a complex and pivotal international security environment dominated by two critical strategic challenges that intersect with each other and
existing trends to intensify their national security implications.

‘First, great powers, rising regional powers, as well as an evolving array of non-state actors, will vie for dominance in the global order, as well as compete to set the emerging conditions and the rules that will shape that order for decades to come.

‘Strategic competition between the United States and its allies, China, and Russia over what kind of world will emerge makes the next few years critical to determining who and what will shape the narrative perhaps
most immediately in the context of Russia’s actions in Ukraine, which threaten to escalate into a broader conflict between Russia and the West.

‘While Russia is challenging the United States and some norms in the international order in its
war of territorial aggression, China has the capability to directly attempt to alter the rules-based global order
in every realm and across multiple regions, as a near-peer competitor that is increasingly pushing to change
global norms and potentially threatening its neighbors.


First stated by Henry IV of France as, “I want there to be no peasant in my realm so poor that he will not have a chicken in his pot every Sunday,” and later associated with United States president Herbert Hoover‘s 1928 campaign as part of an advertisement, placed by a local committee. Because of the advertisement, the phrase is often attributed to Hoover, although he never made such a statement.


This is a brief sampling from what could be called the ATA executive summary.

Several common themes are noticeable. One is the portrayal of the US as good and everyone else as bad.

All along, the enemies are depicted as strong, while the US is weak. This means that the US will have to work twice as hard as anyone else to level the playing field during the forthcoming global war. For example, the US often boasts about being able to tap into just about any phone transmission anywhere in the world, yet still suggests it cannot possibly hope to compete with Russian hackers!

There is no explanation given as to why this might be the case. But if you spend almost $1 trillion a year just in one part of the military budget, to say nothing of hundreds of bases around the world and moving equipment to and fro with gay abandon, it is imperative that you work overtime to try and justify the ‘challenges ahead.’ Even if you are the one who is creating those challenges.

The backbone of USG ‘foreign policy’ is the tried and true, pre-war slogan ‘the rules-based global order.’ No one inside or outside USG can tell you what that means. For all we know, it could be nothing more than the ability of freedom-loving foreigners to ‘order’ a Big Mac anywhere in the world.

Therefore, we would like to propose the “Big Mac in Every Pot” Initiative. Instead of investing in high-speed trains, fixing infrastructure such as rusty water pipes, and providing housing and education, like civilized countries are doing, we will ask corporations to give one (1) free Big Mac (fries not included) to anyone who supports the US rules-based global order.

Right? Do you see what we are doing?

‘We care. We feel your pain because, by gosh, we created your pain And you mean so much to us that -for one day- we will put aside our greed and stop acting like demented merchants of death and give away – for free!- hundreds of millions of BIG MACS (fries not included. And all we ask for in return is that you love us. And that you look the other way for the next year or two as we set out to do the very difficult but necessary things. we will do over the next few years.’

Can you picture the results? The dancing in the streets? The rebirth of hippies and the Summer of Love?

Perhaps not, but in truth, it does not matter if anyone cares or not. It does not matter if Blinky boards a private government jet and jet sets around the Free World handing out FREE Big Macs (fries not included.) It will not matter if he hands out 10 or 10 billion. Blinky and his cohorts ain’t got no street cred.

A view shows self-service kiosks advertising the Big Hit burger, the new alternative to the Big Mac, at a restaurant of the Vkusno & tochka fast food chain, the Russian successor brand to McDonald's, in Moscow, Russia March 1, 2023. REUTERS/Evgenia Novozhenina

A view shows self-service kiosks advertising the Big Hit burger, the new alternative to the Big Mac, at a restaurant of the Vkusno & tochka fast food chain, the Russian successor brand to McDonald’s, in Moscow, Russia March 1, 2023. REUTERS/Evgenia Novozhenina

No matter. America must fight back and then fight China. As some people are happy (meal) to tell you, with a straight face, China has an unfair advantage. Instead of waging wars around the world for the past 20+ years, and even now, China has been building cities and programs that will not only create a new society in China but indeed in any country in the world that would not be expected to take part in The ‘Big Mac in Every Pot’ Initiative. Our world – our rules.

Or, as the ATA tells us, China plans to ‘use programs such as the Belt and Road Initiative, Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative to promote modifications to international norms to favor state sovereignty and political stability over individual rights.”

And, let’s be honest, not even The Mac in Every Pot Initiative could hope to compete with gleaming ultracities, highspeed train networks,

Skyscrapers border a lush green landscape in Shenzhen’s central business district in China. [Photo provided to]

BRI is a tricky proposition, but there is at least a chance that it will help those countries taking part. And of course, the US could take part instead of declaring war or feasting on the Big Mac in Every Pot initiative.

The usual unknown is that we do not know what game Blinky and His Pals are playing. It could be either a very dangerous ‘good guy bad guy’ Laurel and Hardy routine, or proof positive that those in charge really are a bunch of serious, psychotic, suicidal psychopaths.

Either way, they probably should have realized by now that, if you have a partner who cheats on you and lies about it, they might forgive them the first time. Or the second time. But are you going to fall for the same routine over and over and over again?

No. And you can see this happening outside the collective West. No one in their right mind -and we are talking about billions of people- believes anything Blinky or Austin says. They create and then oversee chaos all over the world, whipping up the need for new US-made weapons, and then they walk away.

The MO is always the same: Greed and oil.

Indeed it has happened so many times, and after years of secret or under-reported wars and incursions, they still went ahead and created this latest ‘social media war,’ whose only aim, according to many, was to earn huge profits for corporations and shareholders, including a bevy of US politicians. And now they are frantic to keep this one going for as long as possible because they know how hard it will be to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes the next time they want to ‘Stand for Freedom.’

And yes, we keep hearing that they can get away with this because they are the world’s biggest economy, but are they? Is it really possible to have any sort of viable ‘economy’ when you are carrying a debt of $30+ trillion dollars? And producing jack-shit. And allowing the corporations who are still making money to buy back stocks so that they can report higher and higher earnings for the next stock buyback?

Who knows. We don’t know what happens behind closed doors. People who read newspapers or reports on the internet will tell you they know, but they don’t know anything about anything.

The days of ‘media’ chasing down a story and collecting sources and verifiable facts are long gone.

And so are the days when sticking a cell phone in the face of someone in ‘authority’ while they shoot or beat the shit out of someone might lead to anything other than a smug smirk.

And you know, the most idiotic thing about the endless war on war against anyone who can compete with the US? The more successful China becomes, the higher they move up the economic ladder, and the harder it will be for them to control its own narrative. The youth in China are fed up with 996 (working nine to nine six days a week) and many, many young people are ‘going naked’ and quitting their jobs and embracing Tang ping (a lifestyle and social protest movement in China beginning in April 2021. It is a rejection of societal pressures to overwork, such as in the 996 working hour system, which is often regarded as a rat race with ever-diminishing returns.)

And bear in mind that this is a country of 1.4 billion people.

If the USG had any sense, they would stop making threats and start to compete with other nations and people, not to control the world, but to provide a decent living for their people and their future. And perhaps to actually help the people of other nations.

But will they? Can they? It may no longer be up to Joe, Blinky, and Austin. USG may have screwed around on their partners one time too many times.

And no one is going to like what could happen next. This one would not be fought on the beaches of Normandy. There is going to be universal hell to pay this time around.

So yes, enjoy The Big Mac in Every Pot Initiative while you can.

James Porteous | Clipper Media News


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