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Reviews of new books are vitally important to authors. It has been reported that 50,000 new books are uploaded to Amazon every day. Find out how you can read – and review- this new book for free!

01 May 2023 | James Porteous | Clipper Media News

Cover of The Insolent Caretaker

Hello dear readers. I have some exciting news.

My latest book, the short fiction collection The Insolent Caretaker has been submitted to the massive online book site, NetGalley.

You might ask: What on earth is a NetGalley?

Good question.

NetGalley offers the distribution of digital galley proofs of books, some of which have not yet been released. NetGalley is a key marketing and publicity platform for publishers and authors. Publishers and indie authors offer e-galleys of new or unpublished books.

In short, once you register, you can download and read, as an ebook, pdf or online, any of the books you choose. For free.

The catch? There isn’t one, really, but the system works because it gives readers like you an opportunity to not only ‘review’ new books, but to submit your reviews to websites like Amazon.

Reviews of new books are vitally important to authors. It has been reported that 50,000 new books are uploaded to Amazon every day.

So the more reviews an indie author has on Amazon, the more likely readers will be offered an opportunity to read these new books!

So I am inviting you to read, and if you wish, review The Insolent Caretaker.

For free.

Just go here or click on the link below, sign up, and then you can read not only this book but any others that might be of interest.

James Porteous | Clipper Media News

The Insolent Caretaker

James Porteous

ISBN: 978-1-7771023-7-1

The Insolent Caretaker celebrates the universal resilience of human nature

Author James Porteous has released a collection of short stories inspired by the work of American writer Studs Terkel and playwright David Mamet.

The stories touch on age-old themes of love, politics, religion, relationships, and humor while highlighting the struggles and triumphs of everyday people searching for meaning in this ‘new normal’ world.

In this collection, we meet a talented ‘Butchering the Pig’ scam artist, a young woman’s encounter with Italy’s Nigerian Mafia, a sniper’s interview in a heavenly way-station, and the man in Japan who wonders if he will finally talk to his late wife on The Wind Phone, among many others.

The author, who has lived and worked in Canada, the US, Italy, Germany, the UK, and Qatar, has always strived to capture the ‘lives of others’ in his songs, writing, and photographs.

How to read books found on NetGalley


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