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Watch: Owner blows up Tesla Model S rather than pay for expensive repairs

Before the explosion, a mannequin with the face of the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, was placed in the driver’s seat of the Tesla Photo: Owner Tuomas Katainen…

Woman convicted for using joke website to try to have ex-husband killed

Bob Innes He set the (clearly) gag-website up in 2005 to test website security, and has received around 650 to 700 contact requests. Screenshots from  26 November…

Obituary: Mort Sahl – Comedian (94)

The political satirist’s rapid-fire monologues about politics, social trends and fads quickly earned him the nickname “Rebel Without a Pause” Photo: Courtesy of Everett Collection 26 October 2021…

Read: He Said, She Said – New Short Fiction Collection

‘He Said, She Said’ – An engaging and humorous collection of Studs Terkel-style tales of faith, love, life, and sometimes, even redemption. #ebook #fiction #humor #studsterkel #oralhistory #shortfiction

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