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Forget the Political Posturing. This is what COP26 means to the rest of us

The host is uttering his usual Twain-like witticisms but the rest of us are meant to suffer if COP26 does not succeed. Photo: Sand artwork adorns New Brighton…

Climate: 15 ways that the Middle East is under threat

Climate breakdown? In the West, the easy option (for now) is to switch on the AC. That is not an option, even now, in many places of the…

This is the New Normal. Corporations are in charge of the Next Wave

After almost two years of government incompetence and mayhem, the corporations are telling us what the new normal will look like. It is here. Now. We should listen….

Jet-setting leaders private-jet-setting to COP26

No stone unturned for nature. ‘Sponsorship is expected to help defray a policing bill estimated to reach up to £250m.’ Photo: Private jets will be bringing some delegates…

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