Jimi Hendrix and Joni Mitchell (Picture: Getty)

Following his two performances on that night, Hendrix rolled in to Le Hibou with his reel-to-reel recorder as promised and kneeled in front of the stage, unnoticed by most, and recorded Mitchell’s two sets that evening. As he also noted in his diary, Hendrix, like many others at the time, was mesmerized by Mitchell: “fantastic girl with heaven words.”Continue Reading

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Jerry Garcia circa 1976

Photo: Jerry Garcia circa 1976 – Youtube Screenshot Mr Garcia talks about life, music, “Row Jimmy Row” and the then-current Dead album: I think BluesContinue Reading

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July/August 2021 | RICHARD GRANT; PHOTOGRAPHS BY JASON VARNEY | Smithsonian Magazine I first heard about Val Shively—a legendary figure among serious record collectors—from aContinue Reading

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