The Last Record Album is a fictional biography based on the ‘career’ of singer/songwriter Bo Carter.  In truth, Carter could have been me. I discoveredContinue Reading

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John Trudell – Rockin’ the Rez Listen to the skies, listen to the sound.Something on the land,Something going down.Downpressers speeding by life,Fevers heart burning riversContinue Reading

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Photos by James Porteous Check out The Last Record Album – a fictional biography by James Porteous Bo Carter wants to be remembered asContinue Reading

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Photos by James Porteous Preview or buy the fictional biography The Last Record Album anywhere in the world  73 total viewsContinue Reading

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There’s the same hotel, and we can go there nowWe can go there now if you want toThrough the doors of that rented roomYeah, weContinue Reading

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