Ask James: Should I be afraid of China?

Does mainland China really pose an existential threat to the USA? Should I stop buying Chinese food?

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10 December 2022 | James Porteous | Clipper Media News

Q: My psychologist Dr Gus G. Pomegranate told me I should stop complaining about my wife and concentrate on the ‘ongoing threat of China.’ I told him to go to ‘H E double hockey sticks’ and he billed me twice the going rate. But is he right? Should I stop buying Chinese food? And what are the odds I can get any of that money back?

A: Dr G. is right. America should be afraid of China. And Iraq. And Syria. And Grenada. 

But seriously, as you may not know, China is the third largest country in the world, behind Russia and Canada and ahead of the United States.

But don’t feel discouraged. The US always has the option of adding more acreage to its total. 

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China is the world’s most populous country, with over 1.4 billion people. The capital of China is Beijing, and the country’s official language is Mandarin. China has a rich history and culture and is known for its ancient landmarks and structures, such as the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Army.

Much like Japan, Korea, and other countries not located in North America, China has dozens of thriving cities, mass high-speed train services, massive manufacturing contracts (including Apple), and vast natural resources that might be the envy of any country not located in North America. 

But as to your question, should Americans be afraid of China? And is it true that the US is eager to go to war with ‘mainland’ China? 

In truth, it is unlikely that any other country in the world would consider bombing the US without provocation. After all, despite dozens of largely unprovoked foreign incursions by the US, no bombs could be said to have landed in the US since the US Civil War.

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Having said that, the odds of 1.4 billion people rolling over without a fight if attacked is of course highly unlikely. They are, after all, humans.

Some have suggested that the more likely scenario would see the US setting its sights on Taiwan once they have finished bankrupting Ukraine. 

Like Ukraine, the US Pentagon seems keen on stockpiling vast quantities of weapons in Taiwan in anticipation of The Big One.

This notion stems from the fact that the US has learned many lessons from its ‘successes’ in Ukraine and its disastrous forays into Vietnam and Afghanistan, namely the inconvenience of transporting shitloads of munitions and soldiers to faraway places when staging unprovoked wars.

Much better to ‘sell’ the host country billions in arms ahead of time and then simply ‘go to war.’

To this end, the Pentagon is teaching the local military about the right to bear arms and also trying to convince them that spilling their own blood instead of American troops would be completely acceptable and even honorable. 

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American Troops in Afghanistan

And also like Ukraine, the US seems to have decided to start sending world-class diplomates like Nancy Who to ‘stir up the pot’ in Taiwan with words of suicidal encouragement. 

So, at the moment, no one in America needs to fear the economic advancements seen in China and elsewhere if -and it is a big if- the US finally decides to play in the adult sandbox.

But the idea of going to war with China or any other BRICS country would certainly present challenges to America’s supposed long-term superiority in world affairs.


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