Day: 27 February 2022

Obituary: Bones Hillman, Musician (Midnight Oil) (62)

Bones Hillman, born Wayne Stevens, played for Midnight Oil from 1987 right up until the band’s reunion and tour in 2017. He died in his home in Milwaukee….

Grateful Dead: The Beauty and the Chaos of ‘Europe ’72’

What on earth were they thinging? A 43-person ‘tour family,’ 22 shows across Europe. Who knows. But thank god they did. Photo: Europe ’72 LP, Warner Bros. Records….

The Time John Lennon and Harry Nilsson were thrown out of a Smothers Brothers show (1974)

One night saw John Lennon and Harry Nilsson thrown out of a well-respected Hollywood haunt only to fight with the staff and be shamed like schoolchildren. 17 NOVEMBER…

Yo-Yo Ma: Music and the Meaning of Life

Yo-Yo Ma has always used his gifts in the service of spreading humanistic values — via cross-cultural musical collaboration, civic engagement and huge amounts of heart Photo: Photo…

Musicians: Music Streaming System Needs to Change

The current streaming system threatens the future of music in the UK, Elbow frontman Guy Garvey has warned. Photo: Guy Garvey was addressing MPs (Steve Parsons/PA) 24 November…

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